Friday, February 28, 2014

Photo Friday ~ Mom, her Mom and two of her aunts, 1972 Bar Harbor Maine

In 1972 my Mom and Dad took a weekend trip to Bar Harbor, Maine.  While they were admiring the waterfront they bumped in to a "Golden Ages" bus tour.  Some of the members of this senior citizen group were  my grandmother and her two sisters.  What serendipity!

My Dad took this nice photo, which I found in a box of slides.  From left to right, Gertrude Hitchings Allen (my grandmother, 1905 - 2001), my Mom, Eunice "NuNu" Hitchings Bunce (1904 - 1985), and Mildred "Millie" Hitchings Wentworth Henley (1909 - 1981).  My grandmother was from a family of eight Hitchings siblings, and there were four sisters.  The eldest sister Helen Hitchings Robston Metzler (1900 - 1981) lived in Florida at this time.

Don't you just love the 1970's fashion colors?  And the eyeglasses?

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