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Weathervane Wednesday ~ A Schooner Ship with full Sails

Every Wednesday for more than two years Vincent and I have been posting photographs of weather vanes located in or near the Nutfield area (the former name for the land where Londonderry, Derry and Windham, New Hampshire are now located). Most are historically interesting or just whimsical and fun weather vanes. If you know an interesting weather vane, please send me an email or leave a comment below.

Today's weather vane was found near Nutfield, New Hampshire. Have fun guessing where you may have seen this weather vane.

Do you know the location of weather vane #136? Scroll down to see the answer....

Today's weather vane was seen at Bethany Commons on Daniel Webster Highway in Bedford, New Hampshire.  The weather vane is a large one, representing a schooner ship with four masts, and full rigging and sails.  It is a beautiful three dimensional weather vane, and you can see it while driving by on nearby on the elevated portion of Route 293.   (Schooners usually have two or three masts, but can have as many as six masts.  The only seven masted schooner ever built was the Thomas W. Lawson in 1902 to haul coal and oil along the East Coast of the United States.)  See the update below.
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A reader, Monica Pattangall sent me this email:

"Actually, Heather, this is a ship, not a schooner. Three square-rigged masts. I can’t tell the hull design, but I suspect she may be a clipper ship in full rig and may be modeled after one of the more famous clippers.
Schooners are fore-aft rigged, 3 or 4 masts.  Suitable mostly for N-S trades.
Ships are square rigged, 3 or 4 masts.  Most suitable for E-W trades
Barks have two square set masts and one fore-aft rigged (in a barkentine the foremast is fore-aft) Not as fast, but does both N-S & E-W quite well.
Brigs and brigantines – well you can find all this online ….
Happy snowy Wednesday from the Berkshires …"

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