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Tombstone Tuesday ~ Joseph Langdon, 1749, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

This tombstone was photographed at the Point of Graves Burial Ground, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Interd here are the Remains of
Mr. Joseph Langdon Jur Mercht
(Son of Capt Mark Langdon)
Obt. 30th Octobr 1749  AEtatis 25

How Lov'd how Valu'd once, avails ye not.
To whom related, or by whom begot.
A Heap of Dust alone remains of thee;
T's All thou art & All that We must be.

Replacement 2004

This new stone marker is a replacement for the older stone just behind it.  You can see that the carving and epitaph have disappeared from the original tombstone.  How did the descendants know what to put on the replacement?  The old epitaph is completely gone!

Joseph Langdon was born in 1724 and died 30 October 1749, son of Captain Mark Langdon and Mehitable Jackson of Portsmouth.  His grandfather, Tobias Langdon (1630 - 1725) is my 1st cousin 10 generations removed.  Our common ancestors are his grandparents Henry Sherborne and Elizabeth Gibbons.

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  1. You know, Heather..., I find myself constantly re-appreciating all of those state genealogy journals and old town histories. (Was reading a detailed one of Exeter yesterday.) That they would simply have an "article" with the inscriptions on tombstones is now worth its weight in gold to us. My most recent example...,I saw one from Point of Graves that is no longer listed. (Sure wish I had copied it...) I wonder if that's how family members found the writing on this Langdon stone. (My Langdon connection is Tobias, Tobias & Eliz Sherburne to their daughter (H)oner, who m. John Leighton.) Thanks for posting this tombstone.