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Surname Saturday ~ WARREN of Naseby, Northampton, England

My great grandmother, Emma Frances (Warren) Roberts
She was born about 1870 in Peterborough, Norhtamptonshire, England
and died 1927 in Lynn, Massachusetts
My great grandfather Obed Thomas Warren was a flour miller in the village of Naseby in Northampton, England.  I have traced him in the census records and in several vital records.  My grandmother, Bertha Louise (Roberts) Wilkinson, told several oral histories about growing up in England, and mentions Obed, her grandfather, several times.

Obed married his wife, Betsey Hannah Stimson, in the nearby city of Peterborough, Northampton.  She was from the village of Walton.  They had seven children, including my great grandmother, Emma Frances, and two sons who went to New Zealand.   Apparently Obed traveled around quite a bit because he had children born in Southorpe, Wimblington, Peterborough, and Mansfield.  He was enumerated in censuses at Naseby, Warrington, Peterborough, Mansfield and Leeds.  In the last two censuses his occupation was listed as “commercial traveler”.

Obed's daughter, Emma Frances Warren, was my great grandmother. She was born in Naseby and married my great grandfather, John Peter Bowden Roberts, in Leeds in 1890.  They came with their children through Ellis Island to Beverly, Massachusetts in 1915.  She never saw England again.

I have an oral history on tape of my grandmother, recorded in the 1970s.  She spoke about visiting cousins in Peterborough when she was little, before leaving England.  These cousins must be children of some of Obed’s children. She also mentions that some Warren uncles who went to New Zealand weren't heard from for years and years until a letter arrived in Massachusetts in the 1920s saying that one of them had died. 

Most of my ancestors came from England in the 1600s, and hearing from my grandmother about how much she missed England, her cousins and family was very bittersweet.  I'm sure that the ancestors who came on the Mayflower, with the Winthrop Fleet, and on other ships to America still felt the same way about their family back home.  We don't often think about this today while we are so accustomed to email, Skype and airplane tickets.
My Warren genealogy:

Generation 1: John Warren, born about 1788 at Naseby, Northamptonshire, England; married on 18 May 1817 in Naseby to Elizabeth Adnitt, daughter of John Adnitt and Elizabeth Garrett.  She was baptized on 14 December 1800 in Naseby.

Generation 2: Obed Thomas Warren, born 28 March 1818 in Naseby, died before 1891; married in June 1853 in Peterborough to Betsey Hannah Stimson, daughter of James Stimson and Mary Cooper.  She was baptized on 7 July 1833 in Walton, Northamptonshire.  Seven children.

Generation 3: Emma Frances Warren, born about 1870 in Peterborough, Northamptonshire, died 1927 in Lynn, Massachusetts; married on 24 May 1890 in St. Clement’s church, in the neighborhood of Sheepscar, Leeds, Yorkshire, England to John Peter Bowden Roberts, son of Samuel Roberts and Mary Anne Stott.  He was born in August 1865 in Leeds, died 23 August 1925 in Beverly, Massachusetts.  Four children.

Generation 4: Bertha Louise Roberts m. Donald Munroe Wilkinson (my grandparents)

Generation 5: John Warren Wilkinson (my father) named for his 2nd great grandfather

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