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Tombstone Tuesday ~ Jane Meserve, 1747, Portsmouth, NH

This tombstone was photographed at the Point of Graves, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Here lyes interred ye
Body of Mrs. JANE
MERSERUE, Wife to Collo.
Who Departed this LIfe
June ye 17 Anno Domi 1747
in ye 30th Year of Her Age

Jane Libby is a mystery. She does not appear in the compiled genealogy The Libby Family in America: 1692 - 1881 by Charles Thornton Libby, 1882.

Jane Libby married Nathaniel Meserve on 16 December 1725.  They had ten children.  He was the son of Clement Meserve and Elizabeth Jones.  Nathaniel was a shipwright in Portsmouth, and built the warship HMS America in 1749 for the British Royal Navy.  He served as a Colonel during the first capture of Louisbourg in 1745.  He and his son went on the second attack of Louisburg in 1758, where they both died of smallpox.

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