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Weathervane Wednesday ~ A Merry Go Round Horse

Every Wednesday for more than two and a half years Vincent and I have been posting photographs of weather vanes located in or near the Nutfield area (the former name for the land where Londonderry, Derry and Windham, New Hampshire are now located). Most are historically interesting or just whimsical and fun weather vanes. If you know an interesting weather vane, please send me an email or leave a comment below.

Today's weather vane was photographed in Tennessee by a reader, and sent in for this post.

Do you know the location of weather vane # 153?

Scroll down to see the answer...

Today's weather vane was spotted by reader and fellow genealogy blogger, Carol A. Bowen Stevens from the blog "Reflections from the Fence".  Carol was traveling by RV from Florida to home, and passed through Chattanooga, Tennessee where this weather vane is located at Coolidge Park.  The weather vane is a top a modern pavilion that houses a merry-go-round built in 1894. This carousel features 52 different, hand carved animals that were all restored by a team of craftsmen headed up by local woodcarver Bud Ellis at his nearby studio "Horsing Around".  You can ride this antique merry-go-round for $1.  The park was named after the World War II medal of honor recipient, Charles Coolidge.

Thank you again, Carol!

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