Monday, April 28, 2014

Time to play golf!

My Dad was an avid golfer, and these photos were taken when he was in college, in the 1950s.  I miss my Dad, and often think about him when I see people strolling the local golf links or hitting balls at the practice range.  

Dad's brother would play golf with him, and some of his nephews would play.  My daughter and Mom learned golf, but I was never very interested in the game.  I wondered who else in the family played golf before my Dad.  His father was not a golfer, and Dad was not raised in a family that belonged to a country club.  He was a poor college student without a lot of money for his golf hobby.  He was more likely to sneak into Myopia Hunt Club to play a round on their golf course, or go with friends to a public golf link.  

The only person I have found in the family tree who probably golfed was on my Mom's side of the family.  Some of the Emersons and their kin in Boston were socialites, and one of these cousins married a man named John M. E. Morrill who I found mentioned in many newspapers around the 1890s through 1910s.  He was part of the "horsey set" who belonged to the riding park in Brookline, Massachusetts that is now known as "The Country Club".  This golf course can be seen on televised golf programs, as host to many PGA tournaments. 

I don't know who took these photos of my Dad playing golf, but they are very good, especially the one directly below.  What an action shot! The last one shows my Dad changing his shoes in the car, not at the clubhouse.  He was probably sneaking onto a golf course again!

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