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Catch up on all the NERGC 2015 Blog Posts!

Providence, Rhode Island at night

Pre-conference posts:

Kathleen McCracken

Jake Fletcher

June Butka

Jennifer Shoer – Scrappy Genealogist -  Ambush Cam  31 March 2015

Laurie Desmarais

Kathleen McCracken

At the conference reporting
From Maine to Kentucky by Elizabeth Pyle Handler

Jake Fletcher

Nutfield Genealogy by Heather Wilkinson Rojo

Pam Carter

Dear Myrtle’s “Ambush Cam” at the conference:

Origins Connector (Michael Maglio) 

Blogger Interviews of conference speakers:

Lori Lynn Price – Bridging the Past – Judy Russell

Linda Hall Little – Passage to the Past -   Michael J. Hall

Pam Carter – My Maine Ancestry -  Josh Taylor

Beverly Fieg – Knit Genealogist  - 

Cynthia Shenette – Heritage Zen -  Lisa Louise Cooke

Sara Campbell – Remembering Those who Came before us – Marian Pierre-Louis

Jennifer Shoer – Scrappy Genealogist – Dr. Blaine Bettinger

Elizabeth Handler – From Maine to Kentucky -  Harold Henderson

Pam Carter – My Maine Ancestry – Casey Zahn

Bill West – West in New England – Michael Tougias

Melissa Berry – Ancestory Archives – Lisa Alzo

Bill West – West in New England – Michael Brophy

Melissa Berry – Ancestory Archives – David Allen Lambert

If you know of more NERGC 2015 posts, please let me know and I’ll add them here!

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