Friday, April 24, 2015

Tour of Tokyo, Japan 1976 ~ Photo Friday

This photograph was found among my mother-in-law's collection in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The heat and humidity of the tropical climate has faded this photo.  You can even see splotches of mold in the top left corner and in the bottom right corner (right on a woman's leg).  I spent a lot of time scanning some of the photos from Puerto Rico, and there are more in storage waiting to be scanned.

In this photo you can see my husband and his parents right in the middle of the front row.
His mother is sitting in front of the woman with the kerchief on her head.
Vincent was about fifteen years old, to her right. and his Dad is to her left. 
Vincent has a big camera bag on his lap.  
They took dozens of photos of this trip and bought a new camera on a side excursion to Hong Kong.

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  1. Looks like allot of our photos, moldy and faded. Lots of humidity here.