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Patriot's Day - 18 April 2000, the day before the 225th Anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord

Lexington Common, 2000

This re-enactor was portraying Ebenezer Munroe, a cousin to my 5th great grandfather, Andrew Munroe.  There were many Munroe family members at the Battle of Lexington, you can see the list of those I have identified HERE.  

Of course, we had a long conversation about the Munroe family.  He had researched his role very well, and knew the family history.  (I was in a wheelchair because of a badly twisted ankle - but I didn't want to miss this event, no matter what!)

This monument (seen at the top of this blog post) lists the names of the men killed on Lexington Green, and is the final burial spot of the fallen.  My daughter (13 years old at the time) laid flowers on this gravesite.  We do this whenever we visit Lexington. 

There were a huge number of re-enactors at this anniversary event of the Battles of Lexington and Concord.  They were encamped in the fields next to a school a block away from Lexington Common.  We saw sutlers, militia units, and all sorts of great period equipment and costumes. 

At the Munroe Tavern, there were re-enactors demonstrating the medical equipment used in the field during the Revolutionary War period.  After the Battle of Lexington, and before the retreat to Boston, the British used the Munroe Tavern as a field hospital. 

I enjoyed seeing what interesting items the sutlers had for sale! 

Stay tuned!  Tomorrow I will post photos of the Battle of Lexington re-enactment from 19 April 2000, the 225th anniversary. 

Munroe Cousins at the Battle of Lexington -  A blog post from 2010

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