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Surname Saturday ~ BISHOP of Salem, Massachusetts

Edward Bishop, my 9th great grandfather,  was born in England and appears in the Salem, Massachusetts records in 1645 when he was admitted to the church.  He was a farmer and a sawyer.  Edward was married three times, and I descend from his marriage with his first wife, Hannah, but I also descend from his second wife, Bridget (Playfer) (Wasselbee) Oliver, who is best known for being the first person executed in the Salem witch hysteria of 1692.

Edward Bishop, was appointed guardian of Susannah Mason, the only child of Christian, who was the only child of Bridget by her husband Thomas Oliver.  Thus my 9th great grandfather was appointed guardian to my 7th great grandmother in a different lineage.  

Edward’s son, Edward Jr. and his wife Sarah Wildes, were also arrested during the witch hysteria, but avoided execution by escaping the Boston jail.  Sarah’s mother, Sarah (Averill) Wildes, was executed on 19 July 1692.  The escapees were my 8th great grandparents, and their son, James, (my 7th great grandfather) was born about seven years later.   James was a bricklayer and a mason in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

My BISHOP lineage:

Generation 1: Edward Bishop, born about 1620 in England, died about 1705 in Salem, Massachusetts; married first about 1645 to Hannah Unknown, mother of three children; married second in August 1667 to Elizabeth Lambert; married third to Bridget Playfer, widow of Thomas Oliver and Samuel Wasselbee.

Generation 2: Edward Bishop, born 23 February 1648 in Salem, died 12 May 1711 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts;  married about 1675 to Sarah Wildes. Three children.

Generation 3: James Bishop, baptized 14 August 1699 in Salem, died between 31 October and 10 December 1764 in Salem; married first on 28 March 1724 in Ipswich to Sarah Holmes, mother of ten children. Married second on 13 December 1750 to Sarah Millet.

Generation 4: Sarah Bishop, baptized on 19 May 1728 in Ipswich; married on 18 October 1747 to Daniel Poland, so of John Poland and Abigail Davis.  He was born about 1724 and died 19 August 1768 in Salem. 

Generation 5: Martha Poland, born 4 August 1754 in Ipswich, died 17 February 1843 in Essex, Massachusetts; married on 22 April 1773 in Wenham, Massachusetts to  Alexander Mears.  He was born about 1750 in England, died 3 April 1824 in Essex. Twelve children.

Generation 6: Samuel Mears, born about 1798 in Essex, died 28 August 1879 in Essex;  married on 29 March 1823 in Essex to Lydia W. Burnham, daughter of Asa Burnham and Polly Bray.  She was born 19 September 1802 in Essex, died 5 September 1864 in Essex.  Nine children.

Generation 7: Samuel Mears, born 29 December 1823 in Essex, died 13 January 1904 in Lynn, Massachusetts;  married on 20 April 1844 in Essex to Sarah Ann Burnham, daughter of Henry Burnham and Sally Poland.  Five children.  Samuel  married second on 26 December 1848 in Wenham to Lydia Gray, mother of four children.

Generation 8: Sarah Burnham Mears, born 30 November 1844 in Essex, died 4 March 1913 in Essex; married on 23 May 1863 in Essex to Joseph Gilman Allen, son of Joseph Allen and Orpha Andrews.  He was born 22 May 1830 in Essex and died 9 April 1908 in Essex. Ten children.

Generation 9: Joseph Elmer Allen, born 24 September 1870 in Essex, died 12 March 1932 at the Masonic Home in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts;  married on 1 November 1892 in Essex to  Carrie Maude Batchelder, daughter of George E. Batchelder and Mary Katherine Emerson.  She was born 22 September 1872 in Chichester, New Hampshire, and died 21 January 1963 at the Sea View Convalescent and Nursing Home, Rowley, Massachusetts. Five children. 

Generation 10: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)


My lineage from Bridget (Player) (Wasselbee) (Oliver) BISHOP – this lineage lived for the first nine generations in Salem, Massachusetts, until my grandmother removed to Beverly (a contiguous town) and Hamilton, Massachusetts:

Generation 1:  Bridget Player,  died 10 June 1692 in Salem when she was hung as a witch; married first on 13 April 1660 at St. Mary in the Marsh, Norwich, England to Samuel Wasselbee ; married second about 1664 to Thomas Oliver, who died 1678; married third about 1685 to Edward Bishop (see above).

Generation 2:   Christian Oliver, daughter of Thomas Oliver and Bridget Playfer; born 8 May 1667 in Salem, died about 1693; married about 1686 in Salem to Thomas Mason.

Generation 3:  Susannah Mason, born 23 August 1687 in Salem, died after 1769; married 20 September 1711 in Salem to John Becket, son of William Becket and Hannah Sibley.  He was born 10 August 1684 and died 1763 in Salem.

Generation 4: John Becket born 28 February 1715 in Salem, died 29 August 1781 in Salem; married first on 3 May 1738 to Rebecca Beadle, mother of thirteen children.  She was the daughter of Lemon Beadle and Rebecca Atwater, born 31 January 1714 in Salem, died 13 January 1758 in Salem.  John married second on 25 November 1762 in Salem to Sarah Rue.

Generation 5: Hannah Becket, born 17 November 1751 in Salem, died 18 August 1837 in Salem; married on 20 June 1770 in Salem to Joseph Cloutman, son of Joseph Cloutman and Mary Webb.  Seven children.

Generation 6: Mary Cloutman,  born about 1775 in Salem, died 28 November 1853 in Salem; married 21 December 1795 in Salem to Abijah Hitchings, son of Abijah Hitchings and Mary Gardner.  He was born about 1775 in Lynn, Massachusetts, and died 26 July 1868 in Salem. Eleven children.

Generation 7: Abijah Hitchings, born 18 January 1809 in Salem, died 18 January 1864 in Salem; married 4 December 1836 in Salem to Eliza Ann Treadwell, daughter of Jabez Treadwell and Betsey Jillings Homan.  She was born 27 August 1812 in Salem, and died 31 January 1896 in Salem.  Four children.

Generation 8: Abijah Franklin Hitchings, born 28 October 1841 in Salem, died 19 May 1910 in Salem;  married on 22 September 1864 in Salem to Hannah Eliza Lewis, daughter of Thomas Russell Lewis and Hannah Phillips.  She was born about 1844 in Salem, and died 15 February 1921 at the Danvers State Hospital, Danvers, Massachusetts. Two children.

Generation 9: Arthur Treadwell Hitchings, born 10 May 1868 in Salem, died 7 March 1937 in Hamilton, Massachusetts; married on 25 December 1890 in Beverly, Massachusetts to Florence Etta Hoogerzeil, daughter of Peter Hoogerzeil  and Mary Etta Healey.  She was born 20 August 1871 in Beverly and died 10 February 1941 in Hamilton. Eight children.

Generation 10: Gertrude Matilda Hitchings m. Stanley Elmer Allen (my grandparents) (see above)

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  1. I descend from the Bishop line too, posted on FaceBook. :D

  2. I'm also from the Edward Bishop line; I knew he was caught up in the witch trials, but I find it pretty interesting hearing these details!