Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weathervane Wednesday ~ A Sun, A Moon and a Missing Ship

Weathervane Wednesday is an on-going series of photographs I post weekly.  I started out by publishing only weather vanes from the Londonderry area, but now I've been finding interesting weather vanes from all over New England.  Sometimes my weather vanes are whimsical, or historical, but all are very interesting.  Often, my readers tip me off to some very unique and unusual weather vanes.

Today's weather vane is two for one set (plus a third that fell off) that used to be a complete art installation - from somewhere in New Hampshire.

Do you know the location of weather vane #213?  Scroll down to see the answer...

The Sun

The Moon 

The center cupola is missing something...

Today's two weather vanes were photographed in Hampton, New Hampshire at the state liquor stores located on the northbound side of Route 95.   This was originally a set of THREE weathervanes, which included a vane shaped like John Paul Jone's ship and the entire installation was titled "Sighting the Course for Seacoast New Hampshire".   These three weather vanes were sculpted by local artist William Barth Osmundsen and installed in 1995.  "The Sun Rising" and "The Crescent Moon" are six foot long vanes sculpted of copper repousee. A few years after the installation there was a hurricane which bent the turning shaft of the "JPJ Boat", but the sculpture was left intact.

The state of New Hampshire decommissioned the ship weathervane and returned it to the artist William Barth Osmundsen.  He is selling it.  Would you like to buy the weather vane sculpture "The John Paul Jones Fighting Topsail Sloop"?  Check out the information form at this webpage or call 757-618-9950. 

The artist Osmundsen
with his copper weathervane

Published under a Creative Commons License
Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Weathervane Wednesday ~ A Sun, A Moon and a Missing Ship", Nutfield Genealogy, posted June 17, 2015 (  accessed [access date]).

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