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Surname Saturday ~ HERRICK of Salem and Beverly, Massachusetts

Henry Herrick (1688 - 1755)
Abbott Street Burial Ground (Ancient Burial Ground),
Beverly, Massachusetts


There are lots of myths about Henry Herrick's origins.  He was not a Virginia planter, and he was not the son of an upper class gentleman in Leicester, England.  He was of humble origins, and a literate freeman in Salem, Massachusetts.  The Henry Herrick of Massachusetts and the Henry Herrick of Virginia may be related, but the kinship has not been established. 

Henry Herrick, my 11th great grandfather,  was part of the original Puritan settlement of Salem, Massachusetts that arrived with Reverend Higginson, and Reverend Skelton in 1629.  It is thought that perhaps he arrived on the ship Lyon’s Whelp.  He applied for freeman in 1630 and was sworn as a freeman in 1631.  He was recorded as a member of the Salem First Church in 1636, along with his wife, Editha. 

Henry Herrick lived near the Bass River in Ryal Side in what is now the city of Beverly, Massachusetts, and in 1655 he witnessed the will of John Friend (my 10th great grandfather), and he conducted the inventory of the estate of Agnes [Annis] Balch (my 9th great grandmother) the same year.  These families all lived near the Bass River, which separates Salem and Beverly.   Henry Herrick’s will, proved on 28 March 1671, describes his land in Ryal Side.

"Henry Herrick owned all the land from what is now the intersection of Beckford and Cabot Streets, northwest, to a point about what is now Mason Street, thence westerly to the river, taking in the land west of Edmund Grover to the land where the drop-forge plant now stands. That portion of his land which was his 'english field' is now traversed by Grant, Simon, and Ropes Streets." [from Calvin P. Pierce, Ryal Side from Early Days of Salem Colony, (Beverly Historical Society, Cambridge, MA, 1931), pg. 87.]

If you look below, you will see that in the sixth generation, the great great great grandson of the original settler Henry Herrick, Humphrey Bray (b. 1756), married a young woman named Molly Herrick according to the Gloucester, Massachusetts Vital Records.   Who was Molly HERRICK?  Is this a possible cousin connection?  I have a lot of Beverly ancestors, and many HERRICK marriages in my family tree, right down to my mother’s first cousin, a HERRICK who still lives near the Bass River near the Danvers/Beverly town line.

For more information:

Herrick Genealogical Register:  A Genealogical Register of the Name and Family of Herrick from the Settlement of Henerie Hericke in Salem, Massachusetts, by Richard Leon Herrick, 2008, 3rd edition in four volumes.

Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620 – 1633, by Robert Charles Anderson, Volume II, pages 910 – 914 for a lengthy sketch on Henry Herrick. 

Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines: A Memorial Volume Containing the American Ancestry of Rufus R. Dawes, by Mary Walton Ferris,  Volume II, pages 420 -424

The Herrick Family Association on Facebook

My HERRICK genealogy:

Generation 1:  Henry Herrick, born about 1598 in England,  died between 24 November 1670 and 15 March 1670/1671 in Beverly, Massachusetts; married about 1630 to Editha Laskin, daughter of Hugh Laskin and Alice Unknown.  She was born about 1613 in Weymouth, Dorset, England and died in 1677 in Beverly.  Nine children.

Generation 2: Henry Herrick, baptized on 16 January 1640 in Salem, Massachusetts, and died 20 June 1702 in Beverly, Massachusetts; married about 1660 to Lydia Unknown, mother of five children.  Married second on 25 May 1690 to Sarah Alcock, widow of John Giddings, and daughter of John Alcock of York, Maine.  No children.

Generation 3: Samuel Herrick, born 6 December 1668 in Beverly; married on 25 May 1691 in Salem to Sarah Leach, daughter of John Leach and Elizabeth Flint. Three children.

Generation 4: Abigail Herrick, born 13 November 1699 in Beverly, died 2 October 1754 in Beverly; married on 11 October 1722 to Isaac Woodbury, son of Robert Woodbury and Mary West.  He was born 18 June 1701 in Beverly and died 31 October 1775 in Beverly.  Four children.

Generation 5: Lydia Woodbury m. Humphrey Bray
Generation 6: Humphrey Bray m. Molly HERRICK  [possible cousin connection!]
Generation 7: Polly Bray m. Asa Burnham
Generation 8:  Lydia W. Burnham m. Samuel Mears
Generation 9: Samuel Mears m. Sarah Ann Burnham
Generation 10: Sarah Burnham Mears m. Joseph Gilman Allen
Generation 11:  Joseph Elmer Allen m. Carrie Maud Batchelder
Generation 12: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Surname Saturday ~ HERRICK of Salem and Beverly, Massachusetts", Nutfield Genealogy, posted August 29, 2015, ( : accessed [access date]).


  1. Henry Herrick is my 8th g grandfather, through his daughter Elizabeth, through Fowler, then Treadwell, Parrott and Miller. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Jane! I have TREADWELL ancestors, too

  3. My paternal Wood ancestors in Beverly have occasional brushes with the Herricks and Woodburys - a few marriages here and there, I think! I've always appreciated all the documentation that exists for Beverly and Salem families. It's fantastic.

  4. Hi: I have news for you: Henry Herrick is my 11th GGF and I am, at the moment, deeply researching him. You are a bit erroneous when you state Henry Herrick's "humble" origins. He derives from a generally rather wealthy family basically of Leicester, Leicestershire, England and has many illustrious forbears. I have a very strong indication that he descends directly and ultimately ultimately from Eric the Forester, brother of Eric the Red who tried to establish a very early Norse colony in the to be America. Our roots, via Herrick et al. may well go directly back to as early as the 800s and include a number of kings of England, Norway and Denmark. In fact, "Eric" is the root name of "Herrick" Lots more to do but I am persevering.

    1. Very interesting news, rtm. Is your work published somewhere?

      Two years after Jedediah Herrick published his 1846 Herrick Genealogy he wrote to William Perry-Herrick, the last lineal Herrick to own the Beaumanor estate in Leicester. Jedediah thanked William for his kind comments about his 1846 book and stated the following about Henry of Salem and the 28 June 1653 that Henry of Beaumanor wrote from Virginia to his brother John Heyricke in England:
      "All of them circumstances which I cannot attach to Henry of Salem," and "I can barely recognize our Henry and the author of that letter."

      HENRY of SALEM; was born by about 1598 in England; arrived in Salem by ca July 1629 with the Higginson-Skelton fleet of Puritans; petitioned for freeman October 19, 1630; was sworn a freeman 18 May 1631; was granted a farm of 2 or 3 acres on the north side of Massey's Cove 25 Jan 1635/36; received forty acres in the freeman's land and another forty acres above Mr. Cole in the Salem land grant of 1636; received three quarters of an acre with a household of five in the Salem land grant of 1637; sold forty acres of land sometime before 1652 to Robert Goodall; served on the Essex grand jury December 1650, June 28, 1653, [the same date that Henry of Beaumanor wrote the letter from Virginia to his brother John Heyricke in England], 30 Nov 1652, 28 Nov 1654, 26 June 1655, [the day after Henry of Beaumanor was in Court in York county, Virginia], 27 Nov 1660, 25 Jun 1661, 25 Nov 1662, 30 Jun 1663, 29 Nov 1664, and 26 Nov 1667; served on Petit jury in Essex county 26 Dec 1648, 25 Dec 1649, 20 Oct 1653, and 28 Jun 1659; purchased 100 acres of land and six acres of land on 1 Jul 1653, [the fourth day of the grand jury term that began 28 Jun 1653]; witnessed and signed the Will of John Friend in Salem on 4 Nov 1655; witnessed and signed the Estate Inventory of Agnes [Annis] Balch on in Salem on 6 Dec 1655; was a Salem Constable in 1656; was freed from training in Salem at the June 1658 term, [which is the basis that he was b. by about 1598]; sold one acre of land in Salem on 26 May 1667; sold twelve acres of land in Salem on 26 Oct 1668; executed his will in Salem dated 25 Nov 1670, that was proved 28 Mar 1671; died before 15 Mar 1670/71 which is the date that his Estate Inventory was taken.

      HENRY of BEAUMANOR; was born at Beaumanor in Leicestershire, England 16 Aug 1604; witnessed an Indenture in England dated 11 Apr 1622; was apprenticed to John Pocock, Woollen-Draper, in England by May 1622 until at least 1627; received a letter at the "Signe of the Plough" in Watling Street, London, dated 7 May 1630, that was written by his brother, Roger Heyricke, to their father Sir William Heyricke; witnessed the marriage settlement of his sister, Martha, in England, that was dated 7 Nov 1634; was in York Co., VA on 17 Mar 1641; with his wife Ann received land by certificate from the Court of Elizabeth City Co., VA on 23 Sep 1642; with his wife Ann transferred said land to the Rev. Mr. Wilkinson in Elizabeth City Co., VA on 12 Sep 1643; served as a Burgess representing Warwick Co., VA during the 1 Oct 1644 legislative session; served as a Burgess representing Warwick county, Virginia during the 17 Feb 1644/45 legislative session; witnessed a binder of Hugh Allen in York county, Virginia dated 8 Mar 1647/48; wrote a letter from Virginia to his brother, John Heyricke, in England, dated 28 Jun 1653, [the same date that Henry of Salem served on an Essex grand jury in Salem]; was in court in York county, Virginia on 25 Jun 1655, [the day before Henry of Salem served on an Essex grand jury in Salem]; was in court in York Co., VA 24 Sep 1655; was ordered to pay a debt in York Co., VA sometime during 1657 to 1659; may be the "Mr. Hericke in New Poquesen" mentioned among a List of Bills dated 21 Dec 1657; and is mentioned among the writings of John Gosling, deceased, on the dates of 10 Sep and 23, 1658.

    3. Can you please list the source for these?