Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weathervane Wednesday ~ On a Church Steeple

This is an on-going series of blog posts on local weathervanes I post every week on Wednesdays.  Some of the weather vanes are whimsical, some are historical, but all are interesting.  Often my readers tip me off to some very unique and unusual weathervanes from their own areas!  If you know an interesting or historical weather vane, please let me know.

Today's weathervane is from New Hampshire.

Do you know the location of weather vane #221?  Scroll down to see the answer!

This photograph was sent to me
by Andy Mack of Londonderry, NH

A few years ago Andy Mack of Londonderry sent me the middle photograph above.  He couldn't remember the church he had photographed, and I didn't know where to find this weathervane in Manchester.  After I moved to Manchester I was able to match up this photograph with the weathervane and steeple of the Brookside Congregational Church on Elm Street in Manchester.

The Brookside Congregational Church moved into this building in March 1970.  The congregational was formerly in the Franklin Street Church which stood on the corner of Franklin and Market Streets.  That congregation was organized in 1844 when the First Congregational Church became overcrowded.  The Franklin Street Church was demolished after the congregation moved to Brookside.

The Brookside Congregational Church website


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