Friday, July 21, 2017

Our House in Holden ~ Photo Friday

These images are from my grandmother's slide collection.  They were given to be my a first cousin,  and were digitized by another cousin's son for me.  Thanks, Lani and Rob!

My grandfather must have taken these images when my grandparents came to visit us at our new house in Holden, Massachusetts.  We lived at 4 Scenic Drive, and moved there in January 1968.  It looks like this was that following fall, because the leaves of the trees are starting to turn colors.

In the top photo it looks like my sister was waiting on the front steps for me to come home from school.  I was in second grade, and she was about four years old. If you look closely you can see my grandmother, Bertha, peeking through the screen door!

The second photo shows our house from the side.  It was a very small ranch house.  You can barely see me sitting on the front steps.


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Our House in Holden ~ Photo Friday", Nutfield Genealogy, posted July 21, 2017, ( accessed [access date]).

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  1. Looks familiar....I was at 21 Scenic Drive about the same time frame!