Friday, September 22, 2017

A Visit to Plymouth Plantation

The view from the Fort/Meetinghouse of the 17th Century English Village

Last month we visited Plimoth Plantation with my mother-in-law from Spain. It is always fun to bring visitors from other countries here.  I find that our relatives in Spain are especially interested in the Native American site.  We had a lovely day, not too hot for August, and lots of sunshine.

The wooden Fort/Meetinghouse served both
purposes for the English settlers
Interior of the Standish home

Pilgrim women watching the men drill with muskets

Another hearthside view of a home, note the triangular chairs

Rev. John Lyford was at the colony this day,
giving some controversial opinions on religion (his trial
is set to occur later this month at Plimoth Plantation). 
You can read more about the controversy with Lyford at this link:

Pottery like this seen in a settler's home
is available for sale in the Artisan Craft Center

Militia drills in the pasture

This lovesick cow would bellow when she saw the
re-enactor playing William Bradford, competing for his attentions.
From the settler's village we traveled to the Wampanoag Homesite...

This winter house is a "nush wetu" and will be replaced with a larger structure later this year

Interior view

Preparing for the new wetu

A native Wampanoag meal of porridge with berries, rabbit soup, and herbal tea

Plimoth Plantation Museum


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