Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Weathervane Wednesday ~ And yet another Harvard House!

I post another in a series of weather vane photographs every Wednesday.  This started with images of weather vanes from the Londonderry, New Hampshire area, but now I've found interesting weather vanes all across New England and across the globe.  Sometimes my weather vanes are whimsical, or historical, but all are interesting.  Often my readers tip me off to some very unique or unusual weather vanes, too!  If you know a great weather vane near you, let me know if you'd like to have it featured on this blog.

Today's weather vane was photographed in at Harvard University, just like the last two weather vanes featured here.

Do you know the location of weathervane post #328?  Scroll down to find the answer.

Today’s weathervane was photographed at Lowell House at Harvard University.

Lowell House has been under renovation since 2016 and is scheduled to reopen for the school year in August 2019.  Lowell House has two courtyards, a distinctive dining hall, library and a junior common room.  It was built in 1930, and originally the tower was constructed to have four faces with clocks, but it was altered to carry bells.  The bell tower contains a carillon from Russia donated by Charles Crane.  The bells are rung for the Thursday 5pm high teas, 1pm on Sundays, special dinners, New Years, commencement, and winning football games.

The house was named for the Lowell family.  The first Lowell to graduate from Harvard was John Lowell in the class of 1721.  The Lowell house crest are based on the Lowell family coat of arms.  The house colors are blue and white, the same colors as the bell tower.

The weathervane appears to remain unchanged during the renovation project. It is a gilded banner, with an interesting X cut out.  Like the Eliot House weathervane, there are no cardinal points on this weathervane. 

Lowell House website:  (has an essay about the bells in the belltower).

Lowell House at Wikipedia:  

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