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Surname Saturday ~ GLOVER of Salem and Marblehead, Massachusetts


John Glover (about 1638 – 1695) Is my 9th great grandfather.  He was also the great grandfather of the famous Brigadier General, John Glover, of the American Revolution.  He is of unknown origin, but might be related to the Charles and Elizabeth Glover who lived in Salem, and removed to Gloucester.  John Glover was a cordwainer (shoemaker).  He appears in the court records for assault in 1670, and for excessive drinking in February 1677/8. In 1680 he was accused of stealing.

From the Essex Institute Historical Collections (Salem, Massachusetts) Volume 2, No. 3, 1860,  page 148:  "john Glover maryed to Mary Guppy by Major Hathorn the 2d January 1660; theire son John Borne ye 29th 6th mo., 1661; theire son William borne 15th March 1663; da'r Mary born ye 1st 3d mo. 1666; da. Sarah borne ye 5th mo. '68; Hana 24th 4th '70; son Benjamin born ye 28th March 1674; Ebenezer born April 13th, 1685" This document does not name my 8th great grandfather, Johnathan Glover (1677 – 1736), but he was named as a nephew in the will of one of John Glover’s brothers [The Essex Antiquarian, Vol. 9, p. 119 and Vol. 11, p. 118; Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, Vol. IV, 1667-1671 (Salem: The Essex Institute, 1914), page 274].  His birth is in the Salem town clerk records with no parents listed, and published in the tan books.

John left a will which was probated on 13 May 1695 [Essex County Probate #11025]  His son, Jonathan, my 8th great grandfather.  Jonathan died without a will.  His son, Jonathan Glover, Jr. (1702 – 1737) is my 7th great grandfather, and he died only a year after his father, leaving his wife, Tabitha Bacon, with four small children.  Three of the four sons grew up to all serve in the American Revolution, and the third son became Brigadier General John Glover (1732 – 1797).  I descend from the youngest son, Daniel Glover, my 6th great grandfather.

Daniel Glover was a blockmaker and a ship’s captain.  He married his step-sister, Hannah Jillings in 1757.  (His mother remarried to Thomas Jillings in 1756, the previous year).   He captained some of the ships owned by his brothers, including a schooner named Three Brothers.  Some of the maritime notices of Capt. Daniel Glover as master of ships to Europe and the West Indies appear in The Georgia Gazette 1764 and the Boston Evening Post 1765. [see the website by Doug Sinclair on the life of Daniel Glover  ]   

Daniel Glover had four children, and I descend from his daughter Tabitha (b. 1765) who married Thomas Homan in 1782 and had seven children. She is my 5th great grandmother.

Some GLOVER resources:

"Of Ships, Shoes, and Sealing Wax: The Early Career of John Glover." By George Billias,  Essex Institute Historical Collections 92 (1956): 376-387.

Memoir of General John Glover of Marblehead,  by W. P. Upham, 1863

My GLOVER genealogy:

Generation 1:  John Glover, born about 1638, died May 1695 in Marblehead, Massachusetts; married on 2 January 1661 in Salem, Massachusetts to Mary Guppy, daughter of Reuben Guppy and his wife Eleanor.  She was born about 1640. Eight children.

Generation 2: Jonathan Glover, born 13 April 1677 in Salem, died March 1736; married on 31 March 1699 in Salem to Abigail Henderson, daughter of Peter Henderson and Abigail Bully.  She was born in October 1676 in Salem, and died 29 April 1737 in Salem.  Six children.

Generation 3:  Jonathan Glover, born 14 December 1702 in Salem, died August 1737 in Salem; married on 23 February 1727 in Salem to Tabitha Bacon, daughter of John Bacon and Hannah King.  Four sons, one died young and three served in the American Revolution including Brigadier General John Glover (1732 – 1797).

Generation 4: Daniel Glover, born January 1734/5 in Salem; married on 1  December 1757 in Newbury, Massachusetts to Hannah Jillings, daughter of Thomas Jillings and Hannah Mirick.  She was born 25 November 1737 in Newbury, and died 4 October 1810 in Salem.  Four children.

Generation 5:  Tabitha Glover, baptized on 10 February 1765, died 13 March 1837 in Marblehead; married on 28 November 1782 in Marblehead to Thomas Homan, son of William Homan and his wife Elizabeth.  He was born about 1758 and died 20 January 1832 in Marblehead.  Seven children.

Generation 6:  Betsey Jillings Homan m. Jabez Treadwell
Generation 7:  Eliza Ann Treadwell m. Abijah Hitchings
Generation 8:  Abijah Franklin Hitchings m. Hannah Eliza Lewis
Generation 9:  Arthur Treadwell Hitchings m. Florence Etta Hoogerzeil
Generation 10:  Gertrude Matilda Hitchings m. Stanley Elmer Allen (my grandparents)


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, “Surname Saturday ~ GLOVER of Salem and Marblehead, Massachusetts”, Nutfield Genealogy, posted  September 30, 2017, ( accessed [access date]). 

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