Friday, September 8, 2017

A Visit to Sturbridge Village

I recently visited Old Sturbridge Village with my Mayflower cousins from the New Hampshire Mayflower Society.  We took a nice field trip to this living history museum in June.  I hadn't been there since the 1990s when I chaperoned my daughter's fourth grade field trip to Old Sturbridge Village.  This museum re-creates life in rural New England in the 1830s. We had a wonderful visit, and hope to return again soon with our granddaughter.

Re-enactors weeding the herb gardens

Inside the General Store.  In the 1830s the store
carried mostly handmade items, just before the Industrial Revolution

Springtime on a New England farm

Preparing the mid-day meal for the farm family. 

The millpond and covered bridge

A rural home with a well sweep

Vincent and the two-holer

The village tavern, where we ate lunch

Inside the tavern

Pastures, farm houses and the path through the wood to the village center

A workbench in the cooper's workshop

The potter busy at his wheel

The village kiln for firing pottery

The village green

Old Sturbridge Village website 


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  1. I love the photos and tour of Sturbridge Village. I wrote an extensive article about my Sturbridge ancestors and used a lot of information from the Sturbridge Village website (with their permission). I wish I could have made a visit there myself, as you did, to obtain such great pictures. The Joshua Hyde Library is named after my 4x gr grandfather.