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Surname Saturday ~ BRIMBLECOMB of Marblehead, Massachusetts


Back on October 14th I posted a  Surname Saturday”story about the HOMAN  family, and mentioned that the immigrant Edward Homan had a wife named Richard.  I thought this was unusual, and I also thought that this might be a good clue to her identity.  Well, I did find out more about the BRIMBLECOMB family with records back in England!

Looking at records on Family Search from Modbury, Devonshire, England, I was able to find that there was a John Brimblecomb with a wife named Richard (!!) who had two children baptized in Modbury – 1.) Richard, a daughter, baptized on 3 August 1621, and 2.)John Brimblecomb, Jr. baptized on 2 March 1623.  This Richard, jr. would be the aunt of Richard Brimblecom (1646 – 1719) my 9th great grandmother who married Edward Homan of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

The records from Modbury also show that Richard, jr. married Christopher Chrispin on 24 September 1658 in Modbury and had a daughter named Margaret.  But the Modbury records also show that Richard, jr. had an illegitimate daughter named Elizabeth on 25 August 1643 in Modbury. She was labeled a “bastard” in the records.  All these records naming women named “Richard”, as well as a man named John Brimblecomb with a wife named Tabitha seemed to me to be proof of the same family as my Richard Brimblecomb who married Edward Holman.   

Essex County Probate, Volume 3, page 283 shows a 1678 will for John “Brimbellcom” with a wife Tabitha, and names a son Philip and daughters Mary Tucker and Richard Holmon.   His estate was valued at 76 pounds and 6 shillings.  He left his house to Philip.

The Modbury records show that John Brimblecomb, jr. and wife Tabitha, had four children baptized there:

1. Mary, daughter, 16 July 1646
2. Mary, daughter, 16 June 1647
3. John, son, 10 August 1649
4. Philip, son, 28 October 1651

There was no record found of a daughter named Richard being baptized in Modbury.  But we can assume she was born to this family perhaps before the first Mary.  Richard married Edward Homan, and Mary married Andrew Tucker.  Philip Brimblecomb married an unknown wife around 1670, and married second to Sarah Fluent on 8 February 1680.

John Brimblecomb, the immigrant, my 10th great grandfather, was a fisherman who lived in Marblehead from about 1661, when he bought a house from John Legg, to 1678, when he died.  He appears to be the same John Brimblecomb who was born and baptized in Modbury, Devonshire, England.

“The Last Will and Testament of John Brimbellcom Being in his perfecte memory the 11th maye 1678 Imprmis That first I Bequeue my Body to the Dust and my spiritte To god that gaue it as for my Estat firist I order That after the Charge of my fenerall (is paide) that all my Deptes Bee fully satisfied By my Excetors: secondly my will is that what Estate is Lefte After my Deptes is paide that Tabitha my wife shall fully and wholly Inioye it for the Terme of Her Naturall Life Thirdly my will is That after The death of my sd: wife That my soon Phillipe Brimbelcom and his Children after Him shall Inioye the full and whole Estat that shee shall Leave to saye my wife what is Leafte of what I Leave her :fourthly my will is That my Excecetors out of what Estat I Leave shall pave to my too Daughters Richard Holman and mary Tucker as a Legaci Twenty shilings a peece. fiftly my will is that my wife Tabitha and my soonn Philipe bee jointe Excecetrex and Exceceter of my whole Estate In Being By them To bee managed and Emproued as above further my will is my Trusty frinds John Codner and John Leg Bee my overseeres of my Excetors for the Emprouement of The Estate according to this my will and Testament my will further is that if my sd: sun Die without Issue that what is Lefte of my Estate after the death of my sd: wife and sonne and his Child or what Childrin he maye have that it shall bee Equally divided Betwext my too Daughters Richard and mary."
John (his I B mark) Brimbellcom.
Witness: John (his T C mark) Codner, John Legg.
Proved in Salem court 29: 9: 1678 by the witnesses.

Inventory of the estate taken Nov. 12, ,1678, by William Nick and Thaddeus Riddan : one halfe of a shallop & connue & what else belongs to ye half & boat, 15li.; one dweling house, out house and land with ye priviledge belonging to it, 40li.; one halfe of a servants time, 5li.; one bed filled with silke grasse with Rugg, Blankets, bedsteed & 2 pr. ould sheetes, 4li.; 3 Chests ould ones & ould barrells, 8s.; one muskett, one houldbert, one Cutles, one swoard & Belt, 2li.; 4 potts & a small Kittle, lli. 10s.; two pair pott hangers, two pair pott hooks, one fire shoovell & tonges, gridiron, &c., 10s.; pewter dishes, cupes & warming pann, 15s.; Table & forme & a spitt, 1 Os. ; one frying pan &. two ould Axes, 5s. ; three ould Chaires, two ,pailes, washing tubs, wooden Trays & a dresser, 6s.; wearin~ appa1·rell in all, 3li.; one spining wheele, 2s.; several lean swine, halfe a cow & Calfe, 3s. ; total, 7 6li. 6s. Signed by Thaddeus Riddan and Christopher Necke. Attested in Salem court 29: 9: 1678 by Tabitha Brimbelcom, one of the executors.

Some Brimblecomb resources:

There is a Brimblecomb genealogy in The Essex Antiquarian, Volume 12, pages 34 – 38. 

England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975," database, FamilySearch ( : 30 December 2014, John Bremblecombe in entry for Richard Bremblecombe, 03 Aug 1621); citing MODBURY,DEVON,ENGLAND, index based upon data collected by the Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City; FHL microfilm 916,861.

My Surname Saturday post on HOMAN:

My BRIMBLECOMB genealogy:

Generation 1:  John Brimblecomb, born about 1595 probably in Modbury, Devonshire, England, and died in March 1658 in Modbury, married Richard UNKNOWN. Two known children.

Generation 2:  John Brimblecomb, baptized on 2 March 1623 in Modbury, Devonshire, and died between 11 May and 29 November 1678 in Marblehead, Massachusetts; married to Tabitha Unknown. Five children baptized in Modbury.

Generation 3:  Richard Brimblecomb, born in 1646 in Modbury, died December 1719 in Marblehead; married about 1668 to Edward Homan.  He was born about 1646 and died December 1713 in Marblehead.  Five children born in Marblehead.

Generation 4:  Edward Homan m. Elizabeth Gould
Generation 5:  Peter Homan m. Mary Hoyle
Generation 6:  William Homan m. Elizabeth Unknown
Generation 7:   Thomas Homan m. Tabitha Glover
Generation 8:  Betsey Jillings Homan m. Jabez Treadwell
Generation 9:  Eliza Ann Treadwell m. Abijah Hitchings
Generation 10:  Abijah Franklin Hitchings m. Hannah Eliza Lewis
Generation 11:  Arthur Treadwell Hitchings m. Florence Etta Hoogerzeil
Generation 12: Gertrude Matilda Hitchings m. Stanley Elmer Allen (my grandparents)


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, “Surname Saturday ~ BRIMBLECOMB of Marblehead, Massachusetts”, Nutfield Genealogy, posted October 28, 2017, ( accessed [access date]). 


  1. Well, that's a first. A woman named Richard. It never gets boring does it?

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  3. Our trees have crossed before. This one is very complicated. All, unless noted, are from Marblehead, MA.
    John and Tabitha are my 8G grandparents through their children Mary and Philip.

    Mary's line--- Mary Brimblecomb (1646-1726) m. bef 1688 Andrew Tucker (1642-1691) 5 children.
    Nicholas Tucker (1670-1716) m. 1689 Priscila Bickford (1665-bef 1753 8 children.
    Nicholas Tucker (1696-1734) m. 1714 Deborah Girdler (1695- ) 4 children.

    The line splits here. Nicholas and George

    Nicholas’s line

    Nicholas Tucker (1720-bef 1749) m. 1739 Hannah Horton (1721-1774) 3 children.
    Nicholas Tucker (1741-1801 m. 1773 Susanne Chadwell 4 children.
    Nicholas Tucker (1775-1861) m.1799 Hannah Brimblecomb!!! (1777-1865) 3 children.
    Philip Brimblecomb Tucker (1812-1862) m. 1834 Hannah Martin Tucker (1812-1905) 9 children.
    John Ingalls Tucker (1843-1937) m.1870 Isabella Pedrick (1846-1914) 1 child.
    Charles Bailey Tucker (1876-1969) m. 1906 Bertha Lillian Hills --not from Marblehead, Ipswich--(1880-1950) 2 children.
    Arthur Damon Tucker (1911-1969) m. 1942 Eleanor Williams (1911-1995) 1 child Andrea Pedrick Tucker Me

    George’s line

    George Tucker (1715- ) m. Mary 1 child
    George Tucker (1745-1832) m. 1768 Mary Widger (1746-1832) 2 children.
    Thomas Tucker (1777-1870( m. 1803 Abigail Tishew (1781-1851) 8 children
    Hannah Martin Tucker (1812-1905) m. Philip Brimblecomb Tucker See Mary’s and Nicholas’s line above!!

    Philip’s line—

    Philip Brimblecomb (1660-1692) m. 1680 Sarah Fluent (1661-1728) 1 child.
    Samuel Brimblecomb (1684- ) m. 1706 Elizabeth Seaward (1683-1756) 2 children.
    Seaward Brimblecomb (1716-1799) m. 1737 Alice Bartol (1718-abt 1746) 7 children.
    Philip Brimblecomb (1750-1797) m. 1774 Hannah Melzard (1757-1737) 3 children.
    Hannah Brimblecomb married Nicholas Tucker (1775-1861) See Mary’s tree above for the rest.!!!!!

    This may be more than you want, but here are some interesting Brimblecombs and Tuckers. Thank you for the early Brimblecomb information.