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Surname Saturday ~ HOMAN of Marblehead

Edward Homan Probate 1713, naming his wife as "Richard"

Essex County, MA: Probate File Papers, 1638-1881.Online database. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2014. (From records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives.)


Two brothers, Gabriel and Edward Homan, settled in Marblehead, Massachusetts in the mid 1600s.  Edward Homan (about 1646 – 1713) is my 9th great grandfather.  He was one of the first fourteen householders in Marblehead before 1660.  He married about 1668 to Richard Brimblecomb, the DAUGHTER of John and Tabitha Brimblecomb of Marblehead.  Her name Richard can be seen in his last will and testament written in 1713.  They had five children born in Marblehead.  The Edward Homan house is still standing in Marblehead at 29 – 31 Circle Street, and is dated about 1670, and the right side of the house was built about 1802 or 1803.

Edward Homan, Jr. (1668 – 1714), my 8th great grandfather, died a year  after his father in Marblehead.  He married Elizabeth Gould in 1692 in Marblehead, and they had six children.  Edward, Jr. was called “a planter” and “a cooper”, and he bought land from Christopher Lattamore in 1680 [Essex Registry of Deeds, book 2, leaf 89].

Peter Homan (b. 1699) was my 7th great grandfather.  He married in 1723 to Mary Hoyle, daughter of Samuel Hoyle and Mary Fortune of Marblehead.  They had seven children.  Their eldest, William Homan (b. 1725), my 6th great grandfather, married about 1758 to Elizabeth and had a son named Thomas (about 1758 – 1832), my 5th great grandfather.  Thomas Homan’s wife, Tabitha Glover, was the niece of Brigadier General John Glover (1732 – 1797) of Revolutionary War fame.   Thomas served in the American Revolutionary War, too, under Capt. Putnam as a private in Massachusetts in 1776 for one year.  He applied for a pension in 1818.

Betsey Jillings Homan (1792 – 1874), my 4th great grandmother, was the last in this line of HOMANs.  She married Jabez Treadwell of Ipswich, and they resided in Salem, where their seven children were born. 

For more about the HOMAN family:

The Holmans in America, by David Emory Holman, 1909, Volume 1

The Edward Homan House, MACRIS (Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System) accessed September 7, 2017

My HOLMAN genealogy:

Generation 1:  Edward Homan, born about 1646, died December 1713 in Marblehead; married about 1668 to Richard Brimblecomb, daughter of John Brimblecomb and Tabitha Unknown.  She was born about 1646 probably in Modbury, Devonshire, England, and died December 1719 in Marblehead, Massachusetts.  They had five children.

Generation 2:   Edward Homan born about 1668 in Marblehead, died July 1714 in Marblehead; married on 27 October 1692 in Marblehead to Elizabeth Gould, daughter of Alexander Gould and Margaret Brown.  She was born about 1667 and died after 26 December 1719.  Six children.

Generation 3:   Peter Homan was born 26 June 1699 in Marblehead; married on 12 December 1723 in Marblehead to Mary Hoyle, daughter of Samuel Hoyle and Mary Fortune.  She was baptized on 21 March 1702/3 in Marblehead.  They had seven children.

Generation 4:  William Homan, baptized 25 July 1725 in Marblehead; married to Elizabeth Unknown; at least one child.

Generation 5:  Thomas Homan, born about 1758 and died 20 January 1832 in Marblehead; married on 28 November 1782 in Marblehead to Tabitha Glover, daughter of Daniel Glover and Hannah Jillings.  She was baptized on 10 February 1765 and died 13 March 1837 in Marblehead.  They had seven children.

Generation 6:  Betsey Jilling Homan, baptized on 14 October 1792 in Marblehead, died 6 April 1874 in Salem, Massachusetts; married on 17 November 1811 in Marblehead to Jabez Treadwell, son of Nathaniel Treadwell and Mary Hovey.  He was born 17 October 1788 in Ipswich, and died 4 November 1840 in Salem.  Seven children.

Generation 7:   Eliza Ann Treadwell m. Abijah Hitchings
Generation 8:  Abijah Franklin Hitchings m. Hannah Eliza Lewis
Generation 9:  Arthur Treadwell Hitchings m. Florence Etta Hoogerzeil
Generation 10: Gertrude Matilda Hitchings m. Stanley Elmer Allen (my grandparents)


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, “Surname Saturday ~ HOMAN of Marblehead”, Nutfield Genealogy, posted October 14, 2017, ( accessed [access date]). 

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