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Surname Saturday ~ ALLEN of Braintree, Massachusetts

Mount Wollaston, now Quincy, Massachusetts
as it appeared in 1840

Although some earlier works stated that Samuel Allen was a son of George Allen,  there is no proof of this.  In The Great Migration, Volume 1, page 34 the author, Robert Charles Anderson, rejects the notion, too, in his sketch for George Allen.  The sketch for Samuel Allen is on pages 39 to 40.
A man named Samuel Allen was admitted as a freeman in the Massachusetts Bay Colony on 6 May 1635, stating that he had been a member of a church in Massachusetts.  There is no church record that exists.  In Braintree, then called Mount Wollaston, a lot was granted to Samuel Allen on 24 February 1639/40.  This is the first know record of my Samuel Allen, my 10th great grandfather.  He was also a town clerk, selectman, surveyor of highways, and constable.   His will was dated 16 September 1669 in Braintree:

The last will and testament of Samuel Allen of Braintree, in the county of Suffolk in New England, being very weake in body, yet of perfect memory and understanding. What debts I owe, be paid with as much speed as may be convenient. I give unto my sonn Samuel Allen 20 pounds, to bee paid him or his out of my Estate. 10 pounds within one year after my decease and 10 pounds within three years after the first payment bee made. Unto my sonn, Janes Allen, 5 pounds to bee paid him or his within three years after my decease. Unto my sonn- in- law; Josiah Standish, 10 pounds to bee paid him or his, 5 pounds within one year after my decease & the other within two years after the first payment bee made. Unto my sonn-in-law, Nathaniel Greenwood 5 pounds, to bee paid him or his within three years after my decease. Unto my daughter Abigail 30 pounds, to bee paid unto her when she shall bee at the age of 21 years. The rest of my estate as house & land & what else remains, I leave between my beloved wife and my sonn Joseph Allen, that is to say that my wife shall have half the bennifit of house & land & whatever estate may be left after discharge of the legacies during her life, & the other half to my sonn Joseph. Provided they joyne in what is necessary for the support of such as are left in the family. My will is that my wife shall have liberty to give unto any of our children the whole value of 20 pounds where she shall see need. I make my wife and my sonn Joseph, my Executrix and Executor of this my will

Witness the hand of
Samuel Allen
Witnesses, Francis Elliott, John French, Thomas Holbrook.

Know all men, by these present's that I Margaret Allen the Late wife of Samuel Allen now deceased: & Joseph Allen my Sonne both Of the Towne of Brantry in the Goverment of the Massachussets in New England. for & in consideraton of Twenty pounds. given & appointed to her Paide. by the abovesaide Samuel Allen deceased. to his sonne Samuell Allen of Bridgwater in the Goverment of New Plimouth. Wee the abovesaide Margaret Allen & Joseph Allen doe hereb'y acknowledge to here bargained, sold & assigned. ' by this will * * over to the abovesaide Samuell Allen of Bridgewater twelve Acres of Land. Lying & being within the Towneship of Brantry. butting Upon the River called Monatt** beginning at the Upper corner of their Lot next the River neere the Saw Mill & on the North side of the River. & running downe the river soe far as the Cartway at the Bridge to a crooked Ash tree & running in Length the same bredth as its by the River til it makes Up the full Sume of twelve Acres of Land; which Land with Wood. Timber Stones & all other pvilages conteined within the limit's before Specified, I the saide Margaret Allen & Joseph Allen abovesaid doe by these presents. fully, freely, absolutely, aLienate, bargaine, Enfeoffe comirrie & for ever maKe over Unto the aforesaide Samuell Allen of Bridgewater all our claime, title & interest that doth. did or any waise may appeare formerly to belong to Us or any of o'r heires Executo'rs, or adm'rs Unto the aforesaide Samuell Allen of Bridgewater his heires, Executo'rs or adm'rs & assignes; Together with all benefits pvilages & imunities thereUnto belonging To have, hold, occupy & enjoy as his & theire proper Land. peaceably to Enjoy for ever: without any claime. title & adm'rs. or amy Other person or person's whatsoever for or to any part or perSon Of any of the land before Specified as from Us apperteining & Hereun'to have Set o'r hand & Seale. Margaret Allen her Marke & a Seale
Joseph Allen & a Seale

the late being interlined in ye 2d line before Sealing
Signed Sealed & Delivered in the presence of us Daniell
Preston, Samuell Greenwood, Nathaniel Greenewood

This instrument was acKnowledged by Margaret Allen & Joseph Allen as theire Act & deede. Novemb'r 16th 1672 before Edward Ting Assist.
Recorded & Compared Nov'r 21st 1672 p: Isaac Addington Cler.

My ALLEN genealogy:

Generation 1:  Samuel Allen, born about 1598 In England and died 5 August 1669 in Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts; married first about 1630 in England to Ann Whitmore (four children), married second to Margaret French, the widow of Edward Lamb (three children).

Generation 2:  James Allen, born about 1636 in Braintree (now Quincy) and died 25 July 1714 in Tisbury, Massachusetts on the island of Martha’s Vineyard; married about 1662 in Duxbury, Massachusetts to Elizabeth Partridge, daughter of George Partridge and Sarah Tracy.  She was born 14 February 1643 in Duxbury, and died 8 August 1722 in Chilmark, Massachusetts on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Twelve children.

Generation 3:  John Allen born 1682 in West Tisbury, and died 17 October 1767 in Chilmark; married on 1 March 1716 in Chilmark to Margaret Homes, daughter of William Homes and Katherine Craighead.  She was born 28 February 1696 in Straban, Tyrone, Ireland and died 26 April 1778 in Chilmark.  Thirteen children.

Generation 4:  Rebecca Allen, born 25 February 1717 in Chilmark, died 29 May 1790 in Pleasant River, Maine;  married in 1732 in Chilmark to Wilmot Wass, son of John Wass and Ann Wilmot.  He was born 9 February 1712 in Boston, and died before 18 July 1793 in Windsor, Connecticut.  Twelve children.

Generation 5:  Sarah Wass m. Samuel Osborn
Generation 6: Sarah Osborn m. Charles Skinner
Generation 7:  Ann Skinner m. Thomas Ratchford Lyons
Generation 8: Isabella Lyons m. Reverend Ingraham Ebenezer Bill
Generation 9:  Caleb Rand Bill m. Ann Margaret Bollman
Generation 10:  Isabella Lyons Bill m. Albert Munroe Wilkinson
Generation 11:  Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

The image above is from Wikimedia Commons, "The New English Canaan of Thomas Morton", by Charles Francis Adams, Jr., Boston, 1883 "This view of Mount Wollaston is taken from Rev. William P. Lunt's Two Discourses on the Occasion of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the First Congregational Church, Quincy", page 37.

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  1. I am an Allen my fore fathers are the same George and Samuel Allen.
    We are the Allen's od Braintree...thus moved to Uxbridge to Providence. I am a 12th generation American Allen.
    Please e-mail me.
    Christine Allen

  2. I am your relative. These Allen's are my ancestors...via the Pawtucket Historical Society in Rhode Island. Please contacr me...i have much info for you.
    Cell# 401 204 4291
    Christine Allen 12th generation American Allen.