Friday, July 5, 2019

Photo Friday - First Communion Boys in Spain

When Vincent's cousin in Spain let us photograph a large stash of vintage family photos, we found a lot of first communion photos from 100 years ago to today.  I was fascinated by the photos of little boys, because in Spain they dress them up in military uniforms instead of suits.  These little uniforms range from very fancy to sailor outfits, complete with formal white gloves.  What a curious tradition!

José Manuel García, Madrid, Spain
late 1930s

Cousin Chemari, Madrid, Spain circa 1960
Cousin Gerald Zato, Barcelona
circa 1930
I love the lace and white gloves! 
Cousin Jesus Caravantes, dated 1958 on the back
It is the only communion photo without a
military uniform


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Photo Friday - First Communion Boys in Spain", Nutfield Genealogy, posted July 5, 2019, ( accessed [access date]).

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