Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Weathervane Wednesday - A Church in the Pyrenees

 Another Weathervane Wednesday photo from Spain!

This week's weathervane was photographed in Ochagavia, Navarra, Spain while we were driving to the village where my mother-in-law was born up in the Pyrenee Mountains.  Ochagavia (or Otsagavia in the Basque language Euskera) is near the border of France, and where the Irati National Forest is located.  Many tourists visit this area in the summer for hiking.  It is a very picturesque village of about 530 people.

This weathervane is an ancient two dimensional weathercock with a large lightning rod next to it.  In 1794 the French invaded this region and destroyed 182 houses, and tried to destroy the church of San Juan Evangelista.  This church dates from the 11th century, and was rebuilt in the 16th and 17the centuries.  I'm not sure when the weathercock was placed on the tower, but it appears to be ancient.

Click here for another weathervane we spotted in Ochagavia, which reflects the history of a witchcraft hysteria in the 1500s: 


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