Friday, July 19, 2019

Squeezed into a VW Bug! Photo Friday

In the late 1960s my Uncle Richard Wilkinson, my grandfather Donald Wilkinson, and my cousin Ricky all drove from Long Beach, California to our house in Beverly, Massachusetts in this little Volkswagen Beatle.  They were met by my grandmother, Bertha (Robert) Wilkinson, my aunt Luanne and cousin Debbie, who had flown to Boston.  Can you imagine driving all that way in a little car with luggage strapped to the roof?  What an adventure!

Here we all are in our house at 7 Dearborn Avenue in Beverly.  My uncle Richard is in the rocking chair, and that's my cousin Sue (with the braids) sitting on the floor.  My cousin Ricky is in the blue shirt, with his Mom, Luanne, my aunt Shirley Wilkinson, and my Mom in the nurses cap (she must have just arrived home from work at Beverly Hospital).  My Dad's head can be seen from behind in the foreground. 

Here are the three Wilkinson brothers.  They all grew up in this house at 7 Dearborn Avenue, Beverly, Massachusetts.  From left to right, Robert Munroe Wilkinson (1927 - 2005), Richard Albert Wilkinson (1932 - 2015), and my Dad, John Warren Wilkinson (1934 - 2002).  I don't have many photos of them all together since Uncle Richard lived in California. 

Thank you again, cousin Steve, for the digitized images from your photo collection!


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Squeezed into a VW Bug!  Photo Friday", Nutfield Genealogy, posted July 19, 2019, ( accessed [access date]). 

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  1. Cross-country in a VW Bug? That would have taken some intestinal fortitude. I can't even imagine it!