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Amanuensis Monday- News Clippings from Essex, Massachusetts

News Clippings

21 February 1873, Cape Ann Advertiser "On Friday afternoon, as one of the workmen in the shipyard of A. O. Burnham was hoisting the bow hasping, it got the best of him and fell striking Mr. Gilman P. Allen (about 63 years old) a glancing blow on the shoulder and head, and knocking him down. Fortunately no bones were broken, but it was a narrow escape from a serious injury."

Gilman Allen (1809 – 1892) was my 3x great grandfather’s brother (Joseph Allen (1801 – 1894). Shipbuilding was a major industry in Essex until the 20th century. I'm sure there were some terrible injuries and even deaths once in while as they built the wooden ships over the years. There are only two wooden shipbuilding workshops in Essex, today.
The Essex Echo (1887 – 1918) was published on Fridays. First at B. F. Raymond’s Drug Store, and later at Leighton E. Perkin’s Store. It had eight pages and cost $1 per year, or 3 cents an issue.

30 Jan 1903, Essex Echo Newspaper “Albert Allen, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Allen, is very sick at the home of his parents near the Hamilton line. Consumption has claimed him as a victim. His wife and child are with him."

Albert Allen died on 25 March 1903 in Beverly, when he was only 24 years old. He was the brother to my great grandfather Joseph Elmer Allen (1870 – 1932). His wife was Lillian Dorsett, and his son, Charles was born in 1902, so he was very small when this happened.


10 May 1907, Essex Echo Newspaper “Warren S. Allen and family of South Boston, Mrs. Lillian M. Allen and son Charles of Beverly, were guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Allen on Sunday."

Joseph G. Allen (1830 – 1908) was my 2x great grandfather. His son, Warren (1864 – 1927) and wife Margaret E. Sullivan (1874 – 1954) had five children; the last one wasn’t born until 1915 so he wouldn’t have been at this reunion. They lived in the Neponset section of Dorchester, near Boston, by the waterfront. Warren was the brother of the Joseph Elmer Allen, mentioned above.

I found these little news clippings at the website According to the link to the Cape Ann Advertiser, these were contributed by Fred Buck of Gloucester, Massachusetts in 2002. The Essex Echo was published in Manchester, Massachusetts, and only a few columns covered news from the town of Essex. Those were contributed by Kurt Wilhelm, who is also one of the editors of the “Images of America: Essex” book published by Acadia Publishing just this year, 2010. Mr. Wilhelm also manages the Rootsweb page for the town of Essex, Massachusetts.

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