Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday- Ancient Burial Ground, Essex

The Ancient Burial Ground in Essex, Massachusetts. We were searching for Allens buried there, and then in the Spring Street Cemetery around the corner. The first Allens lived in Manchester-by-the-sea and removed to Essex sometime before the American Revolution.

Judith Allen (1803-1859), wife of Charles Dexter (1799-1861), daughter of Joseph Allen and Judith Burham, my 4x great grandparents.

The Allen Family Plot, but most were illegible, broken or fallen into the soil. We didn't disturb them, but it might be worthwhile coming back to dig in the ground a bit, or to clean off some moss and lichen.

Emily Perkins Allen (abt 1840- 1860), daughter of Gilman P. Allen (1809- 1892) and Elizabeth Collins (1891 - 1888). Gilman was another son of Joseph Allen and Judith Burnham. I'm descended of Joseph Allen, Jr. (1801-1894).

The Dexter Family Plot, including Judith and Charles Dexter from above.

Joseph Allen (1776-1861) My 4x great grandfather, son of Isaac Allen and Abigail Burnham.

Read about a grave snatching story at this same cemetery here, posted in April 2010.


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  1. Very nice photos Vincent, good write up Heather. I've never been there, something to put on the to-do-list. Thanks, and you had a perfect day to go.

  2. If you go, watch out for the poison ivy. I was glad I had on socks and sneakers, not sandals! No snakes, thank goodness!

  3. Thank you Heather. I wanted to say I enjoy your blog. I stumbled upon it looking for the family of James McGregore Livingstone's/stons/etc who were in NH at one point in the early-mid 1700's involved with the Presbyterian Church up in your area.....

    Also interesting to see the name Gilman Allen as I am a gr gr grandson of Gilman Liberty Allen of Shrewsbury - 1817-1892

    Anyway - this is just a "thank you for your interesting writing!"