Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Civil War’s 150th Anniversary

The following members of the family tree served in the Civil War

Great Grandfathers:

Abijah Franklin Hitchings
1.)  Abijah Franklin Hitchings (1841 – 1910), Salem, Massachusetts, my 2x great grandfather - enlisted twice, first he enlisted in Co. I of the 8th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry from 30 April 1861 until 1 August 1861, which rescued the USS Constitution (“Old Ironsides”) from the South and sailed it to New York Harbor for safekeeping, second he enlisted in Co. H, 19th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry from 13 December 1862 until 25 July 1863 after he was wounded in the Battle of Fredericksburg on 13 December 1862. He had served in the Invalid Corps. His obituary states the following "there was a very large attendance, including comrades of Post 34, G.A.R., the old Salem Zouaves, Collector of Customs David M. Little, and past and present Custom house officials, and many prominent citizens. The G. A. R. service was conducted by Commander J. Frank Dalton, Chaplain William I. Arvedson, S.V.C. Eben S. Perkins, O.D.,John C. Grover, Adjutant Everett E. Austin and Patriotic Instructor Charles H. Frye of Post 34."   His pallbearers included members of the Salem Zouaves (who must have been quite elderly at the time!)  A blog post about Abijah Hitchings is at this link: http://nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.com/2009/11/how-to-find-your-american-veteran.html

2.)  Joseph Gilman Allen (1830 - 1913) Essex, Massachusetts, my 2x great grandfather– enlisted as a private in Co. B, 7th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers 1 July 1862 until 31 December 1862, and served as a prison guard at Fort Warren, on an island in Boston Harbor. A blog post about Joseph Allen is at this link: http://nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.com/2010/02/fort-warren-boston-harbor.html

3.)  Samuel Mears (1823 - 1904) Essex, Massachusetts, my 3x great grandfather- enlisted in Co. A, 39th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry from 26 July 1862 until 18 August 1862, discharged for disabilities. He re-enlisted in Co. G, 13th Veteran Reserve Corps 30 July 1864 until 21 November 1865. He was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic Lodge in Beverly, Massachusetts, John H. Chipman Post #89. There is a blog post about Samuel Mears at this link: http://nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.com/2010/09/amanuensis-monday-samuel-mears-1823.html

Great Uncles

1.)  William Hoogerzeil (1843 – 1886), Beverly, Massachusetts was my 2x great grand uncle, brother to my 2x great grandfather Peter Hoogerzeil (1841-1908)- enlisted in Co. 2, Unattached Massachusetts Infantry 3 May 1864 to 6 August 1864.

2.)  Albert Stone Hoogerzeil (1845 – 1920), Beverly, Massachusetts was my 2x great grand uncle, brother to William and Peter mentioned above. He was a mariner in the United States Navy 1862 through 1864. He enlisted January 8, 1862 in Boston for three years as a landsman, credited to Beverly. He served aboard the U.S.S. Vermont, Western World and the Potomac Flotilla. He was discharged January 9, 1864.

4.)  Edmund Hoogerzeil (1847-1922), Beverly, Massachusetts was my 2x great granduncle, brother to William, Peter and Albert mentioned above. He was a private in the Co. 2, Unattached Massachusetts Volunteer Militia as a private. He was only 16 years old. He became a member of the the Grand Army of the Republic Lodge in Beverly, Massachusetts, John H. Chipman Post #89.

5.)  Hervey Allen (1841 – 1905), Essex, Massachusetts was my 2x great grand uncle, brother to Joseph Gilman Allen mentioned above. He also enlisted in December 1864 for one year of defense of the forts of Boston during the Civil War.

6.)  Henry W. Mears (b. 1845) Essex, Massachusetts, was son of Samuel Mears above, and brother to my 2x great grandmother Sarah Burnham Mears (1844- 1913). At age 15 he enlisted in the Civil War and was discharged on a surgeon’s certificate of disability. He re-enlisted on 1 October 1863 in Co. B, 2nd Regiment of the Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.

7.)  Joseph Harrison Knowlton (1848 – 1896), Essex, Massachusetts was my 2x great grand uncle, and adopted son of Samuel Mears mentioned above, and adopted brother to Henry Mears, above. Joseph enlisted at age 16 on 16 November 1864 to 7 July 1865 in Co. 2, Unattached Infantry Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry.

8.)  Romanus Emerson (1846 – 1918), Boston, Massachusetts was my 2x great grand uncle, brother to my 2x great grandmother Mary Katherine Emerson (1847 – 1932). He served in the United States Signal Corps and received a Civil War pension.

9.)  Rufus Elwin Mears (abt 1841 - 1864), Essex, Massachusetts, my 3x great grand uncle and brother to Samuel Mears mentioned above.  He enlisted in Co. A, 39th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers.  He was at the battles of Mine Run, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna, Tolopotomy, Bethesda Church and Petersburg.  He was taken prisoner at the Sheldon Railroad on 18 August 1864, and died in the notorious Confederate prison at Salisbury on 26 October 1864. 


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  1. Hi Heather,
    Great idea to feature those that served in the Civil War given the 150th anniversary. I ought to do something similar. I have a James Kerr, from Quebec who served and my husband's Michigan gg-grandfather and a great uncle.

  2. I've done a couple on my blog too to acknowledge my CW vets. I came here to read your post and see if there were any 'matches' to mine. There' weren't, but I enjoyed the post very much! :)

  3. Hmm. This is one of those times that we don't have a cousin connection, Heather.But maybe our ancestors served together!