Saturday, April 23, 2011

Follow Friday - Genealogy Queries in Yankee Magazine

When I was a child we summered on Lake Balch, which straddles the Maine and New Hampshire border. On rainy days at the camp there were jigsaw puzzles, a bookcase full of musty old books, and a basket full of  old Yankee magazines. Most of the issues of Yankee dated from the 1950s and 60s, and I had fun looking at the (to me!) old fashioned advertisements and stories. The funniest things were the classified advertisements in the back of the magazine, for psychics, patent medicine and farm equipment. Somewhere near the classified ads, there was a swap column and genealogy queries. I must have been a odd little girl, but I found these columns fascinating!

Maybe this is where my mind started to become “genealogically inclined”?

You can still peruse the genealogy queries in today’s issues of Yankee, and they have joined the 21st century by posting the queries on their website. According to the webpage the “swopper’s Column first appeared in 1935 and remains today as a feature on our Web site. In addition to general swops we also offer specific to family reunions and genealogy.”

This is the most "out of the box" genealogy website you may have ever used!

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