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John Pinkerton - Tombstone Tuesday

This ledger stone is known as the Pinkerton Memorial, and it is located at the Old Hill Cemetery, Londonderry, New Hampshire.  There are several Pinkertons buried here, and at the Valley Cemetery in Londonderry, as well as at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Derry (behind the First Parish Church).

WHO DIED MAY 1, 1816
He was born in the County of Antrim
Northern Ireland
and came with his parents when a child to
this Country. He was a man of strict integrity,
active benevolence and exemplary piety.
For many years he was a useful member and elder
of the church of Christ
and a distinguished benefactor of the town. By
prudence and industry he acquired an ample income
which he chiefly devoted to objects of public utility.
He was the principal founder of the Pinkerton
Academy in Londonderry
And endowed each of the two religious so-
cities in this place with a fund for the
support of the gospel

The righteous shall be in everlasting

Also in memory of Mrs. RACHEL
First wife of John Pinkerton Esq. who died
Sept. 13, 1781 aged 36 years

Note: The income of the Pinkerton fund grew to the ….
is to be appropriated to the sole purpose of …
Orthodox Presbyterian Ministry of the …
...ish. …. to the constitution of the Presbyterian …


John Pinkerton and his brother James were the major benefactors of Pinkerton Academy, situated in Derry, New Hampshire (at the time his ledger stone was erected, this was known as Londonderry). The two brothers were successful merchants, and left bequests to endow the school. Pinkerton Academy was an independent boarding and day school until 1948. In 1949 the town of Derry entered an agreement to send their students to Pinkerton, and the town would pay the tuition. It is still an independent high school, serving Derry, Hampstead, Chester and parts of Auburn, New Hampshire. Robert Frost was once an English teacher at Pinkerton Academy.

Pinkerton Genealogy:

Generation 1: John David Pinkerton, born about 1700 in Antrim County, Northern Ireland, died 10 February 1780 in Londonderry, New Hampshire; married about 1718 to Mary Elizabeth Farmer, born about 1700 in Northern Ireland, died on 10 September 1754 in Londonderry, New Hampshire.


1. David Pinkerton, born about 1720

2. Major John Pinkerton, born about 1720 (see below)

3. Matthew Pinkerton, born about 1735, died 1814 in Londonderry, New Hampshire; married Ann McCurdy.

4. Mary Pinkerton, born about 1740, died 23 September 1807 in Londonderry, New Hampshire; married Alexander McGregor.

5. Elizabeth Pinkerton, born 1741, died 4 November 1793 in Londonderry, New Hampshire; married Deacon James Aiken in May 1768 in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

6. Samuel Pinkerton, born about 1745, died 16 Mar 1780 in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

7. Deacon James Pinkerton, born about 1748, born 6 January 1829 in Londonderry, New Hampshire; married in 1771 to Elizabeth Nesmith; married second to Sarah Wallace on 15 May 1809.

8. Rachel Pinkerton, born about 1749, died 17 November 1796 in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

9. Jane Pinkerton, born 1753, died 14 February 1809 in Londonderry, New Hampshire; married to David Brewster about 1774.

Generation 2: Major John Pinkerton, born about 1720 in Antrim County, Northern Ireland, died 1 May 1816 in Londonderry, New Hampshire; married first in 1760 to Rachel Duncan daughter of William Duncan and Naomi Bell; married second to Polly Tufts on 18 December 1801 in Londonderry.


1. Mary Pinkerton, Polly, born 8 May 1768 in Londonderry

2. Naomi Pinkerton, born 13 January 1770 in Londonderry

3. Elisabeth Pinkerton, Betsey, born 1 September 1771 in Londonderry

4. John Pinkerton, born 12 October 1777 in Londonderry; married Mary Wagner

5. Esther Pinkerton, born 1778


For more information:

The Pinkerton Academy website http://www.pinkertonacademy.net/

Londonderry Vital Records, pages 139-140, and 703

A Sermon, Delivered at Londonderry East Parish, May 5, 1816, occasioned by the death of John Pinkerton, Esq. by Reverend Edward L. Parker, published by George Hough, Concord, NH: 1816

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  1. Updated comment 21 July 2020 from R. Bruce Pinkerton of Newark, DE "Major John Pinkerton, Find A Grave # 132693096 had only one son, b. 1777 and died 1795, FAG # 132694503. Not married. Mary Wagner or more correctly, Waggoner was the wife of John Pinkerton, b. 1763 in Lancaster County, PA and died in 1832 in Lancaster, PA see FAG # 63953285. I have been studying these Pinkertons for over 30 years."