Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Mini Chapin Reunion

"The Puritan"
Deacon Samuel Chapin (1598 - 1675)

Three members of the Chapin family:
Great Grandfather Samuel Chapin,
Heather Rojo and Bonnie Jean MacDonald

For a full story about "The Puritan" statue by Augustus Saint Gaudens, see my blog post "The Chapin Monument" at the link    This statue is located just a few blocks from where the NERGC conference was taking place in Springfield, Massachusetts this weekend.

Bonnie Jean MacDonald, who I met at the NERGC conference, also has several genealogy blogs.  Please check them out!  The Boardmans and Browns: A Canadian Story  The Barclays of Pine River:  The Lives of George and Amarilla Barclay  Pennsylvania Wanderings 2008  Massachusetts Meanderings 2011 (wherein Bonnie goes to NERGC!)

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