Monday, April 11, 2011

Who do You Think You Are? and BlogTalk Radio with Thomas MacEntee

Thomas MacEntee, the host of the GeneaBlogger website, author of many geneablogs, speaker and author decided he wasn't busy enough, and so he started up a genealogy radio show to follow each of this season's episodes of NBC TV's "Who Do You Think You Are".   The entire genealogy community has enjoyed these shows every Friday night.  Each episode follows the theme of the NBC TV show.  For example Thomas invited several Irish genealogy researchers to speak after Rosie O'Donnel's episode, and Jewish researchers were interviewed following last week's episode with Gwenyth Paltrow.  He also offers door prizes to callers, and there is a chat board so the peanut gallery can comment along with the broadcast.

Last week, the WDYTYA? episode followed Ashley Judd as she explored a Civil War ancestor and ultimately ended up in New England with a lineage that ended with William Brewster of the Mayflower.  Josh Taylor of the New England Historic Genealogical Society of Boston was the star genealogist on the air, unrolling an impressive scroll with Ashley's Brewster lineage.  Josh was also the genealogist on the very first episode of WDYTYA? with actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

Josh and I had been at the NERGC conference in Springfield, Massachusetts all day last Friday when this episode aired on NBC.  Since Ashley Judd's lineage ended with a Mayflower passenger, Thomas MacEntee asked Josh Taylor, me and New England researcher Diane Rapaport to be interviewed on the April 8th episode of GeneaBlogger Radio.  Diane is an expert in researching New England court records, being both a lawyer and a genealogist, as well as a speaker and author.  It was fun being interviewed by Thomas, even though I had missed the WDYTYA? show and didn't see it until just last night!

Please click on the link for GeneaBlogger Radio and listen to the episode from 8 April 2011 on "Colonial Genealogy, Mayflower Ancestry and More!"    Yours truly is sandwiched in the middle of the more famous genealogist interviews, right in between Josh and Diane.  Thomas also asked me about my adventures at NARA with Abner Poland's document signed by George Washington.  Enjoy! 


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