Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Face of Genealogy

I don't live on the West Coast, but I will be attending the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree.   The website LA Weekly published an offensive article and photograph about the upcoming Jamboree, which has made the genealogical community quite upset.   I won't reproduce their article or photograph here, but if you are curious you can follow this link.

Thomas MacEntee at

[ Note: UPDATE:  the offensive photo was removed and replaced with a photo of the Jamboree app! It appears that the text has changed, too.  This is the power of blogging!  However, as of 7 PM on Sunday June 5th, no apology or retraction from the L.A. Times. ]

In response, the members of the Genealogical Blogging Community have decided to run posts showing our own faces of genealogy.  I believe this image represents my family history:

Charles and Comfort (Boodey) Caverly 
I love this painting because it shows my Caverly cousins, painted by an itinerant New Hampshire painter about 1836.  It has the figures of father, mother, child and cat - just like my family!  For a blog post on this painting, please see this link: 
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There are probably more genealogy bloggers participating, please leave your permanent link in my comments and I'll add you to the list!

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UPDATE- Ok! Ok! I can't keep up with all the additional blog posts on the "Face of Genealogy" so please see Thomas MacEntee's complete list at

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  1. I am floored by the fast response from the genealogy community on this. Way to go. Here's mine.
    Michelle Goodrum
    Turning of Generations

  2. Here's mine. I wish I could attend Jamboree! However, I will find out all about it from two members of my society who are making the trip from Michigan. Maybe next year...

  3. Here is another one to add to the list, Heather:

  4. Here is my Face of Genealogy.
    Hope to see you at Jamboree

  5. Thanks for trying to keep up, Heather! I know it was not an easy feat.

    Here's mine:

  6. Here is My Face of Genealogy:

  7. Here's another:

  8. Great Job Heather, here's mine.

  9. Here is mine. I am stunned by the community's response to this. Talk about feeling the love!!

  10. They looked more like a product of too much Pub fights, rather than inbreeding.

    Here's mine:

    I changed my url as well. :)

  11. Heather - I didn't mean to send mine again...please pardon my mistake! You are doing an awesome job!


  12. Thanks for the comments, email and Facebook messages! I'm truly amazed by the avalanche of responses (quick responses) by the genealogy community. Randy Seaver called it a blogalanche! Thank you everyone!

  13. Here's mine -

  14. One more: ;-)

  15. They are still coming as I write this at 11:05 EST. What a community!

  16. Here's mine:

  17. There's a facebook page in response to the article.

  18. (Sorry--hit enter too soon)

    This is what I was using to determine the ownership structure:

    I think the LA Times actually has a competing website, and does not own LA Weekly.

  19. Kerry is correct! I also recieved a few emails about this. I removed that from the post. I don't want to get into trouble before I actually arrive in L.A!

  20. I lived in LA for four years, and I can attest to the fact that it's way more fun to get in trouble there in person. :)