Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mom and Dad in Washington DC - Not So Wordless Wednesday

Remember those Saturday night slide shows, shown the living room wall because we didn't have a proper screen? I guess there was nothing on TV back then, because we always enjoyed the family slide shows more, especially those showing family photos from before we were born!  We would hoot at the fashions and hairstyles, and sigh at the romantic old cars, and remember relatives who were no longer with us.

Recently we scanned these vacation slides.  In the late 1950s my parents chaperoned a teenaged church trip to Washington DC.  Mom was an RN and she was an excellent choice for chaperone. When I was a kid, these were fascinating slides for me, since I didn't go to Washington DC until I was a teenager myself.
Since we grew up in Massachusetts
we always thought Mom looked like
Jacqueline Kennedy in this photo

Don't you love the fashions?

The flag at half staff because someone important had died!
This could be a clue to dating this photo.

How this view has changed!
I noticed right away that the newer Smithsonian Museums
such as the Air & Space, and the Native American Museums
are missing from the right hand side... as well as other buildings
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