Friday, June 10, 2011

A Yankee at Jamboree- Post 1

We arrived at 1:30AM due to bad weather in Boston, and went straight to bed.  At 6 AM it was time to get up, eat breakfast and find the Jamboree registration.  Of course, at the hotel elevators the first person I ran into was the Grand Poobah of Geneablogging, Thomas MacEntee.  Bingo!

After the first session, I wandered over to the pavilions and ran into Elyse Doerflinger, official social butterfly of the Jamboree.  This was terrific because within two minutes she had introduced me to Terry O’Connell and dragged me over to the unofficial hangout for bloggers off the Marriott lobby.  This was their secret lair until the official “Blogger Island” opens at noon.   Here I met so many more bloggers I hope I got all their names:  Cheryl Palmer, Amy Coffin, Dick Eastman, Sheri Fenley, Susan Kitchens, Nancy Loe, Joan Miller, Donna Peterson, Donna Pointowski, Diana Ritchie, Randy Seaver, Gini Webb…   it was a virtual Who’s Who museum of Geneabloggers!  This was fun to meet them all in person, even though we had all met virtually on line at each other’s blogs, on Facebook, Twitter or in the chat room peanut gallery during Thomas’s radio show.  I also bumped into David Allen Lambert from NEHGS and picked up my blogger's goody bag from Thomas and Gini.  I walked out with at least six new ribbons on my ID tag, too!  Then I hit my room for a little siesta before the main sessions begin after lunch.  I’m exhausted already!

If I left anyone out, let me know!  Why am I posting this instead of taking a nap?  I'll write more later!

Copyright 2011, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. I am super jealous of you and your special adventure. How was the flight from LAX to Burbank? I hate little planes.

    Keep the Yankee posts coming,


  2. Yeah, I'm so impressed that the Yankee made the cross country trek! You go girl!

  3. The wonderful thing about meeting fellow bloggers is that you already "know" each other so introductions are short. You just get down to having fun!