Monday, June 27, 2011

Wyman House - Before and After Photos

This is a progression of "Before and After" photographs that shows how the Wyman Family Association has been caring for the Francis Wyman House over the years.  When the Family Association aquired the property over 100 years ago (it is not owned by the town, a museum, or a historical society) the house was in very sad shape.  Then after some renovations, it suffered a fire in 1996, but has been undergoing a series of restorations.  Please see my blog post yesterday at this link: 
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The Wyman House about 100 years ago

Mom and I at the 2005 reunion, in the charred front parlor
with a photo of the Wyman House from the early 20th century

The Wyman House 2005

A photograph of the stairwell
early 20th century, before the 1996 fire

stairwell 2005

stairwell 2011

stairwell 2005, looking down from the second floor

front parlor fireplace 2005
front parlor fireplace 2011
If you would like to donate to the on-going restorations, and for Phase III of the Wyman House rennovations, please click on the link

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  1. What a interesting topic and house looks so beautiful after modifications.