Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The 112th Old Home Day Celebration, Londonderry, NH!

This year Londonderry will be celebrating it's 112th Annual Old Home Day on August 20, 2011.  It is one of a handful of New Hampshire communities that still celebrate Old Home Day on the third Saturday in August, as decreed by Governor Frank Rollins in 1899.  This holiday was designed to bring home those townspeople who moved out of state, out west or to work in the mills of Massachusetts.   Today, it is called Old Home Days (plural) in Londonderry because it has morphed into a five day event.  There is a A Senior Citizen's Night with Barbeque and Swing Music concert, a Kids's Movie Night on Thursday, the traditional Friday night baseball challenge between the police and fire departments, a Saturday parade and town common celebration followed by a bonfire and concert, and a Sunday ecumenical service on the common.

Here are some photos from past Old Home Days in Londonderry....
1920 Old Home Day Photograph
In front of the Presbyterian Church

The 1941 Old Home Day Program

The 2005 Old Home Day Parade

The 2009 Colonial Re-enactors

The 2009 Old Home Day Parade

For more information:

The official website for Londonderry Old Home Days

A listing of NH Old Home Days   My blog post from last year with the history of Old Home Day in New Hampshire and Londonderry.


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