Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Covered Bridge in Chester, NH

Wason Pond Covered Bridge, Chester, New Hampshire
Last Sunday, on July 31, 2011, a timber framed covered bridge was built by volunteers at the Wason Pond recreation area in Chester, New Hampshire.  It is based on an 1850s style traditional New England covered bridge.  Dozens of community members helped to raise the trusses, lay the siding, flooring and nail roof shingles. There was a large crew of volunteers available to feed the workers, too, with breakfasts, turkeys, and a pig roast.  The new bridge should last for centuries, which was the intention of the committee.  The entire process took months, but over this week most of the building was erected and completed.  Many hands make light work!

From WMUR, our local TV station, a photo slide show of the Chester bridge project
The Timber Framer’s Guild page for the Chester, NH covered bridge project

A blog post about the Wason Pond bridge at the Bridgewright Blog
The Wason Pond Recreation area, from the Chester, NH town website

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  1. Hi Heather -

    Thanks for putting up a post about the Chester bridge, the townsfolk were remarkable hosts and had everything in place when framers arrived on Friday the 22nd, layout & cutting of timber-work began the next day with no small input from the locals themselves. Nine days later a bridge was in place.

    Two communities, one amazing accomplishment, many hands do make light work.

    I put up a few photos on my twitter feed today, feel free to use any if you wish.

    Thanks again,

    -- Will