Friday, August 26, 2011

Follow Friday - The Streets of Salem

A screenshot of the "Streets of Salem" homepage
Here is a “new to me” blog recommended by my first cousin.  I haven’t written many Follow Friday blog posts, but I was so impressed with this blog I wanted to share it with everyone.  “Streets of Salem”  isn’t even a year old, but the author Donna Vinson Segar presents a website that shares architecture,  history, stunning photography and local flavor in such a beautiful way you can’t help but spend time meandering through her blog.   I’ve spent many hours looking through her posts for ancestors, familiar local spots, and some great historical facts.

With a little help from Google I was able to find that Donna Seger is a member of the faculty of Salem State University, teaching history.  She is a graduate of Goucher College and holds a Ph.D. from Brandeis University.   Since Salem is a city with almost 400 years of history, she has done a wonderful job of showing the world the story of the changing architecture of the city with her posts and photographs.   Occasionally she will write about other locations in New England, but with all the great blog fodder in her home city, she has (and will have) plenty of Salem stories.


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