Saturday, August 20, 2011

New England Scots Irish Study

Are you of Scots Irish descent?  Many of the vocal voices of Scots Irish immigrants are from the Southern American States, but an Irish researcher is reaching out to interview descendants of Ulster Presbyterians who stayed in New England.  If this sounds like your family tree, then please continue reading!

Professor Roe of Seattle Pacific University sent this message to the Londonderry Historical Society  “For the past ten years or so, I have been studying present day Scots-Irish, and currently I am in the midst of a study focused on the Scots-Irish in the New England/Northeastern states. The Scots-Irish story has been dominated by Southern voices (like Barry’s), and I am trying to provide a means for learning about the New England/Northeastern Scots-Irish experience.

This study is designed to “listen” to personal and family stories of Scots-Irish. I am looking for men and women, 18 years of age or older, to participate who are (1) of Scots-Irish ancestry rooted in the Northeastern U.S., (2) consider themselves to be Scots-Irish, (3) are interested in their Scots-Irish history and family stories, and (4) are willing to describe their experiences—to be storytellers in fine Scots-Irish tradition.

Participants will be responding in writing to a series of questions about their family roots and their present day activities, opinions and identity as Scots-Irish. Confidentiality, of course, will be maintained. The entire experience should take no more than one hour, although all are encouraged to write in as much detail as possible, so some may decide to spend more than an hour on their responses. Feedback from past participants indicates that most enjoyed describing their Scots-Irish roots, and so our expectation is that this study too will be a motivating and enjoyable experience for all.”

Michael D. Roe, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Dean, School of Psychology, Family, and Community
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle, WA 98119 U.S.A.
Phone: (206) 281-2252
Fax: (206) 281-2695

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  1. I would be interested in getting my Scotch -Irish (Harvey/Harvie and O'Briens) involved.