Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesdays- Balch Lake Vacations

Here are some more old family vacation slides I scanned.  It's fun to finally get these old slides out of the basement, out of their old carousel cartidges, and look at them!  It's much easier to share them digitally, than in the old days when we had to set up the projector.

These images are all of vacations at Balch Lake.  Half the lake is in  Acton, Maine, and the other half is in Wakefield, New Hampshire.  My godparents had a family camp that my Dad helped to build in the 1940s, and it is still there.  We had many good memories of vacations up there!

Yours truly, about 1964
Do you remember when going to camp
meant pumping water and using outhouses?

1973 My sister and our dog, Sandy
Her very best Huck Finn impression!
My Dad liked to make a big wave
jumping off the end of the dock!
1975, My grandparents came up to the camp,
but Grampy thought he had driven to the end of the world
from Hamilton, Massachusetts to Balch Lake, Maine.
1975- when life was simple...
We cruised the lake in this little putt-putt motorboat
and thought it was "so cool!"
1976- Every fall Balch Lake would drain,
and we would find stumps and weird things out
where we had been swimming a few months earlier

Copyright 2011, Heather Wilkinson Rojo

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  1. Hi,
    Lake Balch remains the favorite place for our kids to go. We just go back this past weekend for another memorable time at Doris Crosby's camp,Amelia