Monday, November 14, 2011

Flip-Pal Project #1

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Project #1

I packed up my Flip-Pal scanner and hit the road for my mother's house to try my first holiday gift project.  I didn't want the scanner to get bumped or scratched, so I put it into the neoprene zipped case I use for my laptop.  This was much too big for the little Flip-Pal, so I am seriously considering the case sold on the website at   This would be good place to store extra batteries and the little SD card/ USB adapter.  I already caught the cat playing with it!
My workspace on Mom's dining room table!
At Mom's house I got right to work scanning some of her photo albums for some old family pictures.  It was easy to set up on her dining room table and get going.  I just took the cover off the scanner, turned it upside down and scanned each page.  Later I stitched together some of the bigger photos, and cropped out the background of the album pages.  I saved these all in folders by family name, and Mom helped identify some of the subjects.
Mom and Dad in Washington DC in the 1950s,
converted it to black and white for the project
This first project was created by my artistic daughter.  She has come up with some clever ideas for using old photos.  These are the items you will need for this project

Photopaper for a computer printer
rubber cement
old china saucers and dishes, any size

The completed project! 
Step 1:  Have fun selecting some old dishes from yard sales, consignment shops or the attic.

Step 2:  Print out the selected digital scans of your favorite photos on photopaper (regular paper doesn't provide nice results).  Use a compass (the kind you used in 6th grade geometry class) to measure the size of the circle you need.   Draw the circle on your photo and cut it out.

Step 3:  Smear rubber cement on the photo and on the plate.  When the glue is tacky, stick the photo onto the plate. The rubber cement is not permanent, so later you can easily remove the photo without harming the porcelain.

Step 4:  Ta-Dah!  You are finished!  Wasn't that easy?

Rating System (out of a possible five stars)

Cost              *       (one star, very low cost even if you need to buy dishes)
Difficulty      *       (one star, very easy- do this with your kids!)
Wow Factor  ***   (three stars,  the final result looks great, but not fantastic)

Disclaimer-  I was chosen by Flip-Pal to participate as a blogger in the Simple Gifts Genealogy Blog Hop event, and I received a Flip-Pal Scanner to use and evaluate.

Copyright 2011, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. Cute! I love how the design of the china frames the photo. Nicely done!

  2. What a great, inexpensive way to frame copies of photos!

  3. This is a great project! I I have plently of dishes inherited from a great uncle that can be used to create photo plates. I was planning to order photo plates, but now I see that they can be easily made and I already have the supplies except for cement glue.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Professor Dru,

  4. What a great gift idea! I look forward to reading about other ideas.

  5. Do you know if super glue would work on plates?

    Professor Dru

  6. I have no idea about the super glue, Drusilla. The rubber cement worked great for us, and didn't wrinkle or bubble the photo paper. It's easier to work with than super glue, too (I always end up sticking my fingers together with super glue!)

  7. What an amazing idea! I would have never thought of that myself! Congrats! Looking forward to hearing more about your Flip-Pal journey!

  8. What a wonderful idea for saving photos! Enjoy your Flip-Pal journey. It should be fun.

  9. These plates remind me of the Royal Wedding commemorative ware sold in England!

  10. What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Love the project!! What a wonderful idea! :)

  12. I want to make some of this for family. Thanks so much.