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Surname Saturday - Weymouth


There were several New England immigrants named Edward Weymouth in the early 1600s. One lived in Boston by 1633, A father, son and grandson all named Edward Weymouth lived in the Plymouth County, Massachusetts.  Another Edward Weymouth lived in Kittery and also in what is now the town of Eliot, Maine, near the New Hampshire border river, the Piscataqua.  This last Edward Weymouth is my ancestor.
KIttery, Maine in 1872
There are scarce records of Edward Weymouth in Maine, except for two records where he was acting in very anti-social matters.  The first was in found in Sewel’s History of the Quaker’s, Volume 1, page 566. "then one Edward Weymouth took Mary [Tomkins] by her arm and dragged her on her back over the stumps of trees down a very steep hill, by which she was much bruised and often died away."  In the second incident in 1669 he was in court "for cursing and swearing and wicked wishes to his wife."

Edward Weymouth was a tailor, taxed in Dover in 1662, granted land in Kittery, Maine in 1671.  His house was burned by the Indians in 1677. 

I have lineages from two daughters of Edward Weymouth…

The Weymouth Genealogy:

Generation 1:  Edward Weymouth, born about 1637 In England, died 1719 near Eliot, Maine; married on 25 December 1663 in Dover, New Hampshire to Esther Hodson, daughter of Nicholas Hodson and Esther Wines.  She was born 20 September 1640 in Hingham, Massachusetts, and died 11 March 1723 in Kittery, Maine.  Six children.

1. Mehitable Weymouth,  born 1669 in Kittery, (see below)
2. Timothy Weymouth, born 1675 in Kittery, married Patience Stone abut 1702
3. Ichabod
4. Benjamin
5. Nicholas
6. Bridget, (see below)

Generation 2: Mehitable Weymouth, born about 1669 in Kittery, died 13 January 1753 in Berwick, Maine; married on 25 May 1685 in Kittery to William Stacy, son of Thomas Stacy and Susannah Worcester.  He was born 21 April 1656 in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and died 5 March 1706 in Kittery.  Seven Children.

Generation 3. Mary Stacy m. John Thompson

Generation 4: Mary Thompson m. Richard Nason

Generation 5: Mercy Nason m. William Wilkinson

Generation 6: Aaron Wilkinson m. Mercy F. Wilson

Generation 7: Robert Wilson Wilkinson m. Phebe Cross Munroe

Generation 8: Albert Munroe Wilkinson m. Isabella Lyons Bill

Generation 9: Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

Lineage 2

Generation 2:  Bridget Weymouth married 7 October 1697 in Kittery to John Nason, son of Richard Nason and Sarah Baker.  He was born about 1640 in Berwick, and died 1719 in Dover, New Hampshire.  Three Children.  He was first married to Hannah Heard, daughter of John Heard and Elizabeth Hull, who are my 8x great grandparents in another lineage, and parents of Mercy Ham (below).

Generation 3: Richard Nason m. Mercy Ham

Generation 4: Richard Nason m. Mary Thompson (follow lineage above)

Edward Weymouth and his descendants are mentioned in several books:  The History of Wells and Kennebunk by Edward Bourne, page 159,  The Genealogical Dictionary of New England by Savage, Volume 7, page 129, The Dictionary of Old Kittery and her Families by Stackpole,  and in an article in the New England Historic Genealogical Society Register, Volume 9, page 57.

A good online resource is Don Weymouth’s website “Research of D. G. Weymouth” at   He is very willing to answer email and to share information if you have a Weymouth ancestor descended of Edward of Eliot, Maine.  Don's email is or his mailing address is 119 Winthrop Lane, Holden, Mass. 01520 


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