Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - David and Jennet Cargill

This double tombstone is located in the First Settlers row of the Forest Hill Cemetery in East Derry, New Hampshire, behind the First Parish Church.  David Cargill and his wife Jennet Smith, were early Ulster Scots settlers in Nutfield.  They were members of Reverend James McGregor's congregation in Aghadowey, Northern Ireland.  In New Hampshire he established a fulling mill on Beaver Brook. 

Memento Mori
Here lies interred                  Here lies interred
the Remains of                    the Remains of Mrs.
David Cargill                     Jennet Cargill
         Elder, who depart               (wife of David Cargill
ed this Life April                   Elder) the departed
the 3rd 1734                    this Life October
       Aged 73 years                  the 5th 1745 Aged
                                        81 years

Death like an overflowing Flood
Doth sweep us all Away
The Young, the Old, the Middle age,
to Death becomes a prey

The Cargill Family:

Generation 1:  Captain David Cargill, born 16 June 1661 in Alyth, Perth, Scotland, died 3 April 1734 in Londonderry, New Hampshire; married about 1680 in Northern Ireland to Jennet Smith; daughter of John Smith and Annis of County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, born about 1664 in Mascoquin, Northern Ireland; died 5 October 1745 in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Nine children born in Aghadowey:

1. John Cargill, born 1681, died 21 June 1732 in Surrey County, Virginia
2. Elizabeth Cargill, born 1683, married John Morrison
3. Mary Ann Cargill, born 1684, died 1 January 1737 in Londonderry, New Hampshire, married first James McGregor; married second Matthew Clark
4. Annis Cargill, born 1688, died 8 August 1782 in Londonderry, New Hampshire; married James McKean
5. David Cargill, born 1690, died 1748; married Mary Abernathy
6. Jane Cargill, born 1695; married Hugh Montgomery
7. Mary Cargill, born 1696; married Samuel Houston
8. Margaret Cargill, born 1702, died after 1732 in Newport, Rhode Island; married Abraham Hull
9. Martha Cargill, born 1705, died 30 December 1767 in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada; married John McKeen

see "Captain David Cargill of Londonderry, N.H. and some of his descendants" in the New England Historic  Genealogical Register, October 1963. 

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  1. Great photos--wonderful gravestone!

  2. Your transcription misses the Mrs. before Jennet's name. Mrs. is a term of respect at that time. She was not Goodwife Cargill, but Mrs. Cargill.

  3. Thanks for catching that mistake, Martin. I updated the post.

  4. I am an Abernathy/Abernethy. Thanks for the post, as now I have more searching to do. I am so confused as to where my ancestors actually came from. I cannot find Robert A .Abernethy (Eberniethie, Abernethie, etc) on any Prisoner of War List of Scottish Prisoners captured at the Battle of Worcester and sent to the Virginia Colonies as an indentured servant. There are many 'links' on Ancestry.com and many articles on Google, but I cannae find the proof!