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Veterans of WW1, Derry, New Hampshire

Derry's MacGregor Park, War memorials
Last year for Veteran's Day and Memorial Day I transcribed all the names on the Londonderry war memorials to post here at Nutfield Genealogy.  It was a wonderful project, because several times a month I receive email or comments from folks searching their grandfather's name or for an ancestor.  It is with my greatest honor that I post these names to make them available to search engines such as Google or Yahoo for descendants to find them.  I'll post the links to those posts at the bottom.

The Derry town war memorials are located at MacGregor Park, next to the library.  There you will find monuments with names for all the wars, including the current conflicts in Iraq and Afganistan.  Each is beautiful in its own way, and reflects the history of each different era.  The Civil War monument is located in front of First Parish Church in East Derry, and it also has a list of names.  Today I'll start with the World War 1 veterans names. 

Here you will find lots of names common to Derry and New Hampshire, such as MacGregor, Taylor, Gallien and Madden.  In this memorial we also see some of the first immigrant names such as French Canadien, Irish and even some eastern European names since the shoe factories and other industries were busy in Derry at this time period in history.  I also noted there are plenty of late Victorian first names, such as Albert, Homer, Arthur and Eugene.   You will also find that there are several members of the Shepard family listed, including Alan B. Shepard, father of the famous astronaut Alan B. Shepard, Jr.   As an interesting not, the only woman on this list is among the deceased, Annie Frasier Norton.   She died of the 1918 Spanish Flu, like so many other service members.  Her story can be found at at this link 

World War 1 Honor Roll

World War I Derry

Abbott, Howard C
Abbott, James H
Adam, Adrien F.
Aiken, Irvin M
Allen, Arthur
Bailey, Forrest C
Bailey, Gailon W.
Bartlett, Edward E
Bartlett, George C.
Bartlett, Howard
Bartlett, Richard C.
Bean, George G.
Beaulieu, Frank J.
Bell, George A.
Bell, Henry G.
Benard, Arthur J.
Benson, Grant G.
Bergeron, Almanzor O.
Bergeron, Armand E.
Bergeron Arthur E.
Bergeron, Emile
Bergeron, Oscar E.
Bergeron, Wilfred J.
Berry, Ernest E.
Bienvenue, Philip J.
Bloomfield, Clifton N.
Bodney, Charles W.
Bogle, William M.
Boisvert, Ernest J.
Bond, Irving L.
Bond, William E.
Bonefani, Romeo V.
Booky, James
Boudreau, Albert
Bournival, Hector
Bover, Ernest H.
Boyce, William W.
Boyle, Clifton A.
Bradford, Willis H.
Huson, Verne A.
Burrell, Hervey L.
Butman, Augustus F.
Caldwell, Wallis B.
Campbell, Howard W.
Cassidy, Lawrence J.
Cassidy, Vincent H.
Chadwick, Howard W.
Chamberlen, Ernest E. A.
Charest, J. C. B.
Chase, Arthur W.,
Chase, Ernest
Chase, Fred E.
Chase, Henry P.
Choulias, William K.
Christensen, Charles H.
Clark, Frank A.
Cloutier, William A.
Cloutier, Amedee A.
Coffin, Burr L.
Coolidge, William C.
Corbett, William J.
Corliss, George D.
Cote, Adelard E.
Cote, Charles P.
Courcy, Albert E.
Courcy, John G.
Courtemarche, Nelson E.
Culley, Wilfred, L.
Curtis, Harold J.
Davies, William H.
Davis, Louis A.
Davis, Harold T.
Davis, James M
Davis, Ralph W.
Demarais, George M
Deneynow, Artem
Dion, Albert
Donian, John
Donvan, Raymond
Dorr, Scott L.
Dubeau, Joseph D.
Dumais, Alphonse
Durette, Adelard J.
Edwards, Joseph R.
Emerson, Henry H.
Emerson, Winslow L.
Farmer, Warren A.
Faubert, Henry D.
Feinauer, Harvey E.
Filiau, Charles L.
Fling, Clifton C.
Foisey, Wilfred
Fortier, Charles H.
Fortier, Robert J.
Gagnon, Fred H.
Gagnon, Henry
Gagnon, John B.
Gallant, John D.
Gaudreau, John V.
Gaudreau, Thomas L.
George, Nathaniel J.
Germain, Henry E.
Gibb, Addison R.
Gilcreast, Ralph H.
Godreau, Joseph M.
Goldsmith, Harold M.
Gosselin, Louis O.
Grant, Arthur J.
Green, Harry
Hall, Orrin W.
Hall, Ralph E.
Hamel, Leo J.
Haslam, Greville
Haslam, John E. C.
Hastings, Henry C.
Hatjmichon, John
Hearn, Lloyd H.
Hotsington, Walter A.
Holder, Edwin S.
Hood, Gilbert H. Jr
Horne, Robert S.
Hunt, Arthur J.
Johns, Charles C.
Johns, Edward E.
Johnson, George I.
Katsakiores, Nicholas
Katsekas, Thomas
Karibian, Krikor
Kimball, Fred E.
Kimball, Howard E.
Laberge, Joseph
Lambert, George H.
Laporte, Archie
Laporte, George W.
Lavoie, Romauld, A.
Laws, Edwin S.
Ledoux, Emile A.
Lehrum, Neel N.
Lewis, James
Lewis, William A.
Low, Frank A.
Low, Wesley D.
Lupien, Edward D.
Lynch, Arhtur M.
Madden, James E.
Madden, William J.
Mandigo, Roy W.
Mangene, Augustus S.
Manning, Michael J.
Manning, Timothy E.
Martel, John F.
Martin, Ephraim
Martin, James S.
Martin, Joseph L.
Martin, Oliver
Martin, Walter R.
Mayott, Henry
McCann, Harry F.
McCoy, Ralph K.
McDonald, James
McGregor, Frank C.
McLellan, Roderick D.
Merrill, Harry
Merrill, Joseph W.
Miltimore, James I.
Miltimore, John E.
Miltimore, Ralph I.
Minkler, Edward
Mitchell, Chester E.
Mooney, Robert N.
Moore, Robert S.
Moran, Thomas J.
Morin, Henry
Morin, Henry P.
Morin, Placide J.
Morse, Louis W.
Moynihan, Frank J.
Murphy, Edward J.
Nadeau, Emile J.
Nadeau, Joseph G.
Nowk, John
O’Connor, George B.
O’Hara, James F.
O’Hara, William C.
O’Neil, Harold W.
Ordway, James S.
Oxley, James A.
Page, Leroy C.
Palmer, John M.
Paquet, Edward J.
Paquette, Louis A.
Parker, Charlie H.
Parker, Kenneth S.
Parrish, John
Patnaude, Wilfred J.
Pelky, Joseph
Pluff, Elvin A.
Picard, Albert J.
Picard, Arthur J.
Pieroni, Leopold O.
Pieroni, Oreste
Pingree, Eugene D.
Pinham, Warren C.
Poehlman, Albert F.
Poirier, Fred J.
Pollander, Arthur
Pollander, Henry
Proctor, Earl H.
Provencher, Eugene J.
Quimby, Otis M.
Ramsdell, Earle H.
Rancourt, Sylvia
Redman, George A.
Reynolds, Ira A., Jr.
Rice, Emil L.
Rice, Harold M.
Richard, George
Richardson, Earle R.
Robbins, William A.
Roberts, Alvin B.
Robillard, Stanley G.
Rolland, Harry H.
Rousseau, Antonio
Roy, Edmund N.
Ryan, Clyde C.
Sargent, James A.
Scott, Arthur G.
Scott, Edward B.
Scott, Harold W.
Scott, John
Sefton, Henry R.
Shackett, Frank
Shepard, Alan B.
Shepard, Fredrick J. ,Jr.
Shepard, Henry B.
Sing, Charles E.
Smith, Arthur K.
Smith, George W.
Spaulding, Henry A.
Sprague, Oscar S.
Stanley, Frank C.
Stamules, Michael
Stearns, Harry L.
Stimpson, Richard B
Stone, George H.
St. Saveur, Homer E.
St. Saveur, Dolphus J.
Stuard, Joseph R.
Sutton, Albert E.
Sweezey, Howard R.
Taresewich, Kazimer
Taylor, Archie J.
Taylor, Clarence A.
Taylor, Edgar C.
Taylor, John J.
Taylor, Joseph
Taylor, Walter N.
Tewksbury, Carl H.
Tewksbury, John E.
Tewksbury, William S.
Tewksbury, Waldo C.
Tewksbury, Wallace C.
Tewksbury, Wilbur
Therrien, Eugene J.
Todd, Clarence A.
Todd, Munroe H.
Trombley, Alfred F.
Trudel, Arhtur E.
Tupper, Fred R.
Tupper, Harold C.
Tyler, Frederick F.
Vadeboncoeur, Charles J.
Wackter, Samuel
Wark, Harry W.
Webb, Hugh E.
Whitcomb, Harry E.
Whittamore, Wilbur A.

(names out of order added to the bottom of the plaque)
Mears, Herbert G
Murphy, Andrew J.
Rowe, Walter S.
Gallien, George
Carter, Edward C.
Lavoie, Oscar
Williams, Harry N.
Wyman, Gale B.
Zabriskie, Allan J.

Norton, Annie Frasier
Bitgood, Charles E.
Chase, Lester W.
Clark, Arthur J.
Clark, Joseph E.
Fisher, Ervin R.
Godreau, Ernest
Hall, Charles W.
Hartford, Edgar C.
Hollingshead, Charles
Huson, Frederick R.
Hunt, Milford H.
Rice, Russell B.
Richards, Carl H.
Roberts, Maurice

Also, on the back of this monument  (always check the back!):



[were these names added later after the bronze plaque on front was cast?]

The Londonderry War Memorials Project (contains a link to all the memorials on Londonderry's Common)

The Londonderry 99 (served in the American Revolution)

Copyright 2011, Heather Wilkinson Rojo

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