Monday, November 28, 2011

Simple Gifts Genealogy Blog Hop- Project #4

Simple Gifts Genealogy Blog Hop Post #7
Project #4   Photo Jewelry

Here is another photo gift idea for your Flip-Pal from my creative daughter.  She scanned in family photos and inserted them in to jewelry for Christmas gifts.   The first project she completed was this charm bracelet for my Mom, her grandmother.  What grandmother wouldn’t love this?
a stretchy photo bracelet
from Memory Maker for about $16
("gold" versions are 80% off for November 2011)

The hardest part of this project was shrinking the photos to fit.  My daughter used plain paper in the printer over and over to find the correct size to fit each little locket in the bracelet before doing a final print on photo paper.  Then each little tiny photo had to be cut out, but the manufacturer provided templates for cutting, so the final photos all fit perfectly.  If you buy a locket or charm be sure it has a template!

Some companies will insert the photos or etch the photos right into the jewelry.  You have to scan and upload your selected photos to their website first.

Cost                     ***      (can be expensive, but see below for a Walmart link)
Difficulty             *           (very easy,  scan, print, cut and insert into jewelry)
Wow Factor        *****   (looks great, nice gift idea for anyone on your list! )

Where to buy photo jewelry:

Sells jewelry and also has an online tool to shrink your photos to fit into the jewelry, very handy!  They offer deals of the day, too and other discounts coupon codes.  They also have a holiday or event category to help you find jewelry ideas for Mother’s Day, Weddings, Administrative Professionals Day as well as Christmas and the December gift giving holidays.

Photo charms for Pandora Bracelets

For the budget minded go to and click on “Clothing and Jewelry” in the right hand column.   There you will find lots of jewelry choices including sterling silver charms, bracelets, and keychains.  You will need to create an account and download your photos to an online album.

Also, check at for photo jewelry

Best of all choices!  Your local jeweler or craftsperson can easily make a charm to fit an existing bracelet or to wear on a chain as a pendant.   You might know one in town or meet one at a craft show.   Ask your friends for a recommendation, too.

Disclaimer-  I was chosen by Flip-Pal to participate as a blogger in the Simple Gifts Genealogy Blog Hop event, and I received a Flip-Pal scanner to use and evaluate.    I was not compensated by any of the photo jewelry companies listed above.

Copyright 2011, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. Please tell Cat that I loved her idea. And, because of your projects, I ordered a Flip-Pal on Friday, so thanks Heather.

  2. I loved this-- what a fabulous idea! Kudos to your daughter. The bracelet came out lovely and I'm sure your mom with be thrilled with it.

    Been wanting to get a Flip-Pal, but I really can't right now, unless someone gets me one for Christmas (hint to my family, ahem!).

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