Thursday, June 7, 2012

Governor Samuel Dinsmoor

Samuel Dinsmoor was born near this plaque on 1 July 1766 in Windham, New Hampshire.   This is located near the corner of Governor Dinsmoor Road and Mockingbird Hill Road.  He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1789.   He was the grandson of Scots Irish immigrants from Northern Ireland, Robert Dinsmoor and Margaret Orr, who settled in Nutfield.  Robert Dinsmoor arrived with his father, John, in 1723. 

Samuel Dinsmoor served in the New Hampshire House twice from 1811 to 1813, and was Governor of the state of New Hampshire from 1823 to 1831.     He was married to Mary Boyd Reid, the daughter of General George Reid of Londonderry (Derry) and his famous wife, Molly (Woodburn) Reid. 

Samuel Dinsmoor died on 15 March 1835 in Keene, New Hampshire.  His son, Samuel Dinsmoor, Jr., was also Governor of New Hampshire for three one year terms in 1849, 1850 and 1851.   

Governor Samuel Dinsmoor was a brother of the “Rustic Bard”, Robert Dinsmoor, who I blogged about in 2011 at this link:   photograph and epitaph of the grave of Governor Samuel Dinsmoor and his wife:


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