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Tombstone Tuesday ~ Publisher William Lee, Hampton, New Hampshire

These gravestones were photographed at the High Street Cemetery, Hampton, New Hampshire 
in the Gookin Family Plot

FEBRUARY 20, 1854
MARCH 4, 1926
                                  ST. JOHN 14:19

APRIL 17, 1826,
NOVEMBER 29, 1906

We made a special trip to Hampton to photograph these stones on a request from a reader who is writing a book about Oliver Optic (William Taylor Adams 1822 - 1897), an author whose books were published by William Lee in the 19th century.  He had read about William Lee's second wife, Sara White, in my blog and we have been exchanging genealogical information.  William Lee's first wife, Anna Leavitt, is buried in the same cemetery, in the Leavitt family plot.  His second wife, Sara White, was cremated in Boston, and her ashes were picked up by an unknown family member.  We have no idea if she has a burial spot or not.

Why are William and his adopted daughter, Alice, buried in the Gookin family plot?  This answer took a little genealogy research to untangle...

                                       Owen Jones b. abt 1768 m. Elizabeth Lambert b. abt 1775
                                                               my 5x great grandparents
                                               eight children including these two daughters....
                                     |                                                                      |
       Catherine Plummer Jones m. Levi Younger              Laura Williams Jones m. John Lee
          (my 4x great grandparents)                                         |
                                                      William Lee (1826 - 1906) m1. Anna Leavitt m2. Sarah White
                                                                                 adopted Alice Gookin
                                                               (daughter of Anna's sister Mary m. George Gookin)

Alice's brother, A. Willard Gookin (1852 - 1928), is also buried in this plot.  William Lee died at Willard's home in Hampton in 1906.  

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  1. I am a descendent of Anna Leavitt and have inherited Alice Lee's Will and Testament. It has a lot of references to the Gookins in it. I'm happy to share bstem1@gmail.com