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Surname Saturday ~ Flint of Massachusetts

FLINT  (see comments and link below for an update to this blog post)

This is a tale of two brothers, and I descend from both!

Thomas Flint, probably of Wales, settled in Salem Village, which is now the town of Danvers, Massachusetts.  He was a freeman in March 1637/8 and he bought land in 1654, and another lot in 1662.   According to a Flint genealogy book he came to the New World with his mother, who lived with his brother, William.   I descend from two of Thomas’s sons.

Brother William Flint settled in Salem, Massachusetts around 1640.  Tradition says he left a wife in England, and married again in 1644 to Alice Williams.  Over the years he left records as members of juries, as overseer of fences and as overseer of highways.  He owned land and at the time of his death in 1673  his estate was worth 911 pounds and 15 shillings.  He left his land to his sons and a son-in-law, but nothing to his daughters stating he “had given them enough”.  There was a suit over the will which was not resolved until 1694!   I descend from one of these daughters, Hannah (Flint) Southwick.

There are several resources for Flint family information:

The Family Histories of Charles Edwin Flint, Jr. and Bessie Hazel Lee, by Rosalie V. M. Flint & Kathleen A. B. Hedrick, Quincy, WA, 1981.  

Genealogical Register of the Descendants of Thomas Flint, of Salem, complied by John Flint and John H. Stone, Boston: NEHGS, 1994. 

History of Salem, by Sidney Perley, 1924 - 1928 (three volumes)

My Flint lineages:

Generation 1: Thomas Flint, born about 1603 in Wales, died 15 April 1663 in Salem Village, Massachusetts; married about 1644 in Salem to Ann Unknown.  Six children.  Ann remarried to John Southwick. 

Lineage A1:
Generation 2: Thomas Flint, born about 1645 in Salem Village, died 24 May 1721; married first on 22 May 1666 to Hannah Moulton, daughter of Robert Moulton and Abigail Good (two children); married second on 15 September 1674 to Mary Dounton (my 7x great grandmother), daughter of William Dounton and Rebecca Unknown (nine children); married third on 12 June 1677 to Elizabeth Johnson, daughter of John Johnson and Elizabeth Maverick.   

Generation 3: Jonathan Flint, born 8 November 1689 in Salem Village; married on 18 February 1723 to Mary Collston, daughter of Elizabeth Collston, born on 22 September 1704 in Reading, Massachusetts. Two children.

Generation 4: Jonathan Flint, born 11 August 1730 in Reading, died 1800 in Reading; married  first on 1 August 1751 In Salem to Lydia Proctor, daughter of John Proctor and Lydia Waters, great granddaughter of John Proctor, hung as a witch in 1692, She was born 31 March 1730 in Salem.  Eight children.   Jonathan Flint married second to Sarah Smith, no children.

Generation 5: John Flint, born on 3 Aril 1761 in North Reading, died 26 August 1836 in North Reading; married first on 22 July 1783 to Mehitable McIntire. Two children.  John Flint married second to Phebe Flint, daughter of George Flint and Hannah Phelps, his distant cousin, and my 4x great grandmother.  Eight children.

Generation 6: Olive Flint, born 27 July 1805 in Reading, died 26 November 1875 in Peabody, Massachusetts; married on 3 September 1826 in Reading to Luther Simonds Munroe, son of Andrew Munroe and Ruth Simonds.
Generation 7: Phebe Cross Munroe married Robert Wilson Wilkinson
Generation 8: Albert Munroe Wilkinson married Isabella Lyons Bill
Generation 9: Donald Munroe Wilkinson married Bertha Louise Roberts

Lineage A2:

Generation 2: George Flint, born 6 January 1652 in Salem, died 23 June 1720 in the North Precinct (now North Reading, Massachusetts); married first to Elizabeth Putnam, daughter of Nathaniel Putnam and Elizabeth Hutchinson.  She was born 11 August 1662 in Salem, died 6 March 1697, and had 10 children.  She was my 7x great grandmother.  George Flint married second on 2 March 1699 to Susannah Gardner, daughter of Thomas Gardner and Elizabeth Horne.  No children.

Generation 3: George Flint, born 1 April 1686 in Reading; married on 9 July 1713 to Jerusha Pope, daughter of Joseph Pope and Bethshua Folger (first cousin to Benjamin Franklin, statesman).  She was born on 1 Apri 1695 in Salem and died 29 June 1781.  Seven children.

Generation 4: George Flint, born 16 November 1728 in North Reading, died 31 August 1808; married on 13 November 1753 in Andover, Massachusetts to Hannah Phelps, born 27 April 1728 in Andover, died 5 May 1805 in North Reading.  Seven children.

Generation 5: Phebe Flint (see generation 5 above)

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  1. I'm wondering about your William Flint and Alice Williams line, esp. dau. Hannah who married Southwick. I have Hannah as a direct, and she is married to Joshua Ward...maybe we can discuss?

    1. Hi, Barbara! I re-looked at this line and you are absolutely correct. Your Hannah Flint did marry Joshua Ward, and the Hannah Flint in my line was actually the widow of Thomas Flint (in my first lineage) who remarried to John Southwick. So I descend from her three ways. I'll be reposting new information and putting a correction and link on this post. I'll email you directly when the new post goes up online.