Monday, May 27, 2013

Honor Roll Project, Memorial Day 2013

East Derry, New Hampshire

Memorial Day 2013 ~ New Contributions to the Honor Roll Project

Thank you to the following bloggers who contributed posts for the Honor Roll Project.  These volunteers have photographed their local war memorials and honor rolls, and transcribed the names engraved on them.  These transcriptions make the names available to search engines online, and thus family members and descendants will be able to find out more about their ancestors’ service to the country.  Click here to read all the Honor Roll Project contributions:
We had 10 contributors this year!

Cincinnati Federal Courthouse, World War I, Cincinnati, Ohio
By Pam Seavey Schaffner

Derry, New Hampshire Civil War Memorial

Franklin Township, Michigan, by Carol A. Bowen Stevens

Fryeburg, Maine by Diane L. Jones, Fryeburg Historical Society (needs transcribing)

Greenhills, Ohio by Robert Burnett

New London, New Hampshire,  June Butka

Here are a whole bunch of entries from the Central Texas Veteran’s Cemetery, by Cheryl Cayemberg

Arlington, Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Massachusetts by Liz Loveland

Southborough, Massachusetts by Midge Frazel

Manchester, Vermont War Memorial by Elroy Davis

Amherst, New Hampshire World War I Honor Roll by June Butka

Amherst, New Hampshire, Civil War, by June Butka

Wallingford, Connecticut World War II, by John Tew
(this one needs transcribing, any volunteers?)
Thanks to everyone who contributed!
This will be repeated again on Veteran’s Day, 2013

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